Every dog owner knows the pain of having to leave home, and facing the famous “puppy eyes”… Heartbreaking, for sure! It doesn’t matter if we’re only going away for 10 minutes, since we can’t really explain that to them. We can’t help but wonder how they’re doing while we’re not home – did they sulk all day, or did they get over our temporary absence and went to play in the garden? 

Dog separation anxiety is a well-known condition, identified by symptoms like destructive behavior, excessive whining, barking or howling. Human separation anxiety from pets, although more subtle, is also very real. A recent survey found that 47% of dog owners experience separation anxiety while away from their pets.

Whether we’re just missing our faithful companions or imagining scenes of chaos and destruction taking place in our living room, we’ve all been there at some point… So here are 3 ways to help you cope with separation anxiety while away from your dog!

Keeping your pet with you… Figuratively

Even if you can’t bring your pet to your workplace, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still “bring” them with you…

We all have billions of photos and videos of our dogs – it’s almost required by law that at least 70% of any dog owner’s phone gallery consists of their furry friend! If you’re feeling anxious, you can always view your favorites to feel closer to your buddy.

You can also go one step further, and print one image you’re particularly fond of. The hardest part is picking just one to frame and put on your desk… Seeing their lovely face is a guaranteed way to brighten up the most challenging days!

Establishing some boundaries at home

A way to get used to being apart from your dog is to limit the time you spend together at home. Now don’t get us wrong – we’re not suggesting you keep your buddy permanently outside or anything of that sort! However, if you’re having trouble with separation anxiety on a regular basis, spending every possible moment with your dog while you’re at home may actually be contributing to the problem.

Establishing some boundaries (for example, defining a place or places of the house where your buddy isn’t allowed to be) might be beneficial. You will start to become accustomed to being apart for short whiles, and the longer periods of separation won’t feel so stressful.


Using technology to know how they spend their time

Thanks to technology, we don’t need to wonder about what our dogs are doing when we’re not around anymore! Maven is a new way to answer these questions we all have about our pups.

Maven tells you whether they’ve been sleeping all day and could use a longer walk, or have been particularly active and need some rest instead. You’ll also know whether they’re getting proper rest at night or if something is disturbing their sleep… And if they’re getting a healthy amount of activity in general, considering their particular characteristics.

The product consists of two devices to capture your dog’s data, a mobile app, and the main piece of the puzzle: the Maven vets. They continuously monitor your dog’s data feed, and let you know how they’re doing and if there’s anything unusual you should worry about. 

The Maven vets are also available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. If Marley just ate something he wasn’t supposed to and you’re not sure if you should worry, just ask and you’ll have a definite answer from a professional in moments! 

How to get on board

Maven will be available soon as a membership-based service, starting from $19.99/month. As a special offer to all DOGTV readers, join their waiting list now (without commitment) to guarantee you’ll receive the devices for free if you decide to get a membership later!