Having a pet can be a fulfilling experience because you’re able to share your place with someone who will be happy and appreciative of your efforts to accommodate them. That’s why adopted pets often seem more grateful than pets who have been bought/brought home while they were still puppies. If you’re planning to get a new pet, adoption is better and more humane choice. Sadly, a lot of people lack crucial information that would make their adoption process easier, we’ve put together a list of things you should pay attention to before you decide to adopt a pet:

1. Prepare your house

People often think adopting a pet is a smooth and easy experience that doesn’t require much sacrifice and preparation. But the situation is often different: Having someone new (in this case an animal) in your home can surely change your day-to-day dynamic, so it’s important to prepare your home, so your new pet will be able to explore and learn about their new whereabouts. Make sure to prepare a place where your pet will be sleeping. Find an area where you’ll keep the bowls with food and water, so your pet will have time to get used to them. The last, but not least, create a designated bathroom area, whether it’s a backyard or a balcony, and teach your dog to use it. Also, make sure your home is clean and free from distractions can greatly help your new pet grow accustomed to their new place.

5 Things You Should Pay Attention to When Adopting a Dog

2. Visit the shelter

Going to a shelter can be a heartbreaking experience. All the animals together in one place, abandoned by others, spending time in cages, waiting to be adopted by someone. That’s why it’s crucial to emotionally prepare yourself before visiting a shelter; chances are you’ll feel sad when you see all the adoptable dogs there. Employees at animal shelters are nice and welcoming and will be glad to answer your questions and help you find the right pet to adopt. You may be a bit sad knowing there are so many adoptable animals there, but focus on your search, so you’ll be able to choose the most suitable pet for yourself. Know that you are making a difference in the life of that dog you’re adopting.

3. Visit the vet

After adopting a pet, the next thing to do would be visiting a vet. If you don’t know where to go, ask your friends and relatives who have pets to recommend someone reliable. Your new pet needs to be vaccinated and chipped, go to a vet who will be able to take care of your new pet, especially if it comes from a shelter. A lot of adopted pets suffer from anxiety and other health issues, both physical and mental, chances are he might also need a proper therapy. It’s important to mention, if your dog is suffering from fleas or worms your vet will recommend treatments for that to help get rid of parasites and start a new life with you.

4. Buy the necessary supplies

A pet needs certain supplies to feel safe and well-cared for. Ensure you have all the necessary supplies from food, bowls, a place to sleep, a leash to medicines and toys. Remember, though what your new pet really needs is your love and understanding.

Once you adopt a pet, it becomes a part of your family, so treat him with love and care. Of course, you don’t need to buy everything that seems necessary and cute (and there are plenty of those in pet shops), but make sure to purchase the basics, and once you get to know your pet, buy additional items your pet will like, since not all pets have the same needs and preferences.

5. Take your pet home

A new pet will be happy you’ve chosen him to take him home, but it’s necessary to prepare yourself (and your family members) to the arrival of a new pet, so everyone will feel comfortable and relaxed. A pet can surely change the dynamic of the family. It’s crucial to take time and get used to the new atmosphere. Make sure to get all the paperwork, if there’s any involved, especially because you will need to vaccinate your pet regularly.

Bonus Tip

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Adopting a pet is a noble thing to do, and for many people it’s a better alternative to buying a pet. An adopted pet will love you and be forever thankful for everything you’re doing to make his life more comfortable and easier.

Make sure to shower your new pet with love and affection. You’ll get the same in return, and that will help assure a happy and loving experience with your new pet.

Guest post by: Sienna Penfold