Not only does 2020 mark the start of a new year, but it’s also the start of a new decade. Dogs around the world are living longer, more fulfilled lives and here at DOGTV, that makes us very happy! 

This year, we want to make sure we continue the trend towards happier pets and more fulfilled pet parents. Here are a few things that will help your dog live their best lives. 

  1. Exploring on walks: It’s nice to have a dog who heels, but dogs should always have time to sniff the flowers, check out new smells and see the world with their nose. Give them plenty of time to explore on their daily walks. 
  2. Smart play: Technology plays a huge role in our pet’s lives these days, but don’t forget our dogs need a lot of interaction. Change out toys for smart toys, use smart feeders to help them get the most from feeding time and engage in smart activities to help them exercise their minds as well as their body! Don’t forget to add DogTV to your pet’s life! DogTV is designed to help your pet stay entertained, engaged and calm when you’re away or otherwise unable to play. It helps reduce stress, eliminate anxiety and keep them engaged with videos designed to relax, stimulate or expose them to new sights and sounds.  Sign up for a FREE trial of DOGTV and check out its great technology aimed at your furry family member!
  3. Annual checkups: These can prevent a host of problems that are incredibly expensive to treat down the road. Since our pets can’t talk, we may not catch things like thyroid issues, urinary problems, joint pain, dental disease and more. These conditions can impact your dog’s behavior as well as their physical well-being. Ask your veterinarian about scheduling an annual exam. 
  4. Safe travel: Getting your dog out and about is very important to their well-being. But, make sure they stay safe while you’re traveling. Each year, millions of dogs are thrown from cars during accidents and if they survive, they may be lost or traumatized. Make sure your pets are safe during travel by using safety-tested harnesses and crates.  
  5. Training: Commit to teaching your old dogs new tricks! Just as humans are better when they are learning, so are dogs. Whether you teach them a new hand signal, a new trick, or a new way to play – there is no downside to training. 

This year, commit to being the best pet parent you can be. Your dog gives you his best every day – make sure you return the favor. 

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