It’s the 50th season of Monday Night Football and we’re beyond excited! Let’s face it, nothing makes football worth watching like having your dog there. Even if you’re not a big football fan (like me), we can still find some common ground with players this year. Here are some fun ways your dog can get in on the NFL action! 

Football-Themed Dog Toys

Make your dog the main attraction during halftime with these fun football toys from Nerf! Whether your playing the pre-dinner Thanksgiving day game or a college game of flag football, your dog will want to be a part of it. This toy makes it happen! 

Jerseys and Cheerleaders

These fun jerseys and cheerleader outfits are certified by the NFLPA (National Football Players League Association)! Not only do they give your pets some added warmth on those cold evenings tailgating, they are designed to let you keep your pet on a leash without impacting their style.  Show your spirit!

5 Ways Your Dog Can Get In On The NFL Action

Leashes and collars

No matter where you take your dog on Monday night, make sure they are on leash and wearing a collar! There is a leash and collar set for any team in the NFL – make sure you get one that is legally licensed by the NFL to really show your support. 

NFL Crate Covers

Not all animals are football fans, so it’s important to have a place for them to get away from the action. DogTV can help keep them relaxed while you’re watching the game in the other room. If they’re crate-trained, they’ll love this NFL crate cover!

NFL Seat Covers

Before you go out tailgating, make sure your pup has a place to get away from it all and a ride home if it gets to be too much. These seat covers will keep your car protected on the way to and from the game! 

Dogs are a part of our lives and if football is a priority in Fall, your dog will want to be a part of the game. These are fun ways to make it happen! 

If your dog doesn’t want to watch football, start a FREE trial of DOGTV in another room and let him relax to that while you root and holler for your team!