There is nothing we like more than celebrating our pets! Now on April 28 we get to go all out and celebrate pet parent day!

It’s difficult to separate the joys and gifts our dogs bring to our lives every day with what we do to make their lives happy and healthy year round. We love there is a day set aside to specifically pamper our pets — and ourselves — with abandon and the enthusiasm with which our dogs celebrate life!

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Pet Parent Day

Let’s just make this disclaimer right up front — this list is as much about our pets as it is about the pet parent!

  1. Get a photo taken of you and your beloved humans and dogs and get that photo made into a t-shirt, blanket, coffee mug or poster! Wear or display that product proudly throughout the year.
  2. Plan a play date. Does your dog love other dogs? Does he rarely get to go on a play date? Change that routine up right now and get it scheduled! Thankfully, National Pet Parent’s Day is a Sunday! The plus side for you? You get to spend time with another pet-loving person!
  3. Grab a coffee with your pet. Many drive thru restaurants and coffee shops (Starbucks, for sure) offers treats to your canine companion. We know it’s not healthy for your dog to eat sweet treats or fast food treats, but for one day, let him have a cup of whipped cream or a bite of a burger because….
  4. Take a hike! Grab your water bottle, water bowl, harness, snack foods and hit the trail. Is there a park or a walking trail through a woods you’ve long thought of visiting, but never have? Make Pet Parent’s Day the day you do it! Walk around a lake and let your pup dip his paws in the water.
  5. Enjoy a sunset or sunrise together. You know that if you’re an early riser, your dog will be more than happy to join you to watch a sunrise together. If, though, sunsets are more your jam, plan a late dinner picnic for the two of you (or however many are in your family or friend-circle!), toss a blanket on the ground, enjoy your meal together and wait for the sun to set. Bliss!
  6. Take a shopping trip. If your dogs are anything like ours, they love a ride in the car. When you can cap that car ride with a stop at a pet-friendly store, well the enthusiasm is unbridled! Make sure your dogs are leashed, then take them to the dog treat section of the store. Let your pup grab a bag of treats. Then head over to the dog toy section. Let your dog snuffle around in the toys, show her a few that you think she might like. Take your purchases home or to a local park and let your dog enjoy her new treats and new toy!
  7. Bake a cake! Okay, you might not bake a cake for your dog (but you could!) you can definitely make some dog-friendly baked treats. You can also make your pup some “freezer” treats by taking pumpkin, yogurt, chopped up carrots, apples and other fruits or veggies your dog likes and freezing them. This is a delicious treat for your dog to enjoy on a warm day when you’re outside in the yard together. Yum!

Bonus tip for a dog(s) who doesn’t have a loving forever home. Visit the local shelter and ask if you can take some of the dogs for a walk. Ask if there is a play area where some of the dogs can spend time with you and with the other dogs and play with some of the new toys and treats you’ve brought with you. You will be doing this dog (or these dogs) such a favor by giving them undivided attention outside of the kennel.

Don’t forget, at the end of the day you and your dog have spent together to wrap it up by being couch potatoes, turning on some DOGTV programming and relaxing. Remember, too, you don’t have to wait until National Pet Parent Day, next April, to use some — or all — of these tips to deepen your bond with your fur baby.  

What will you (or did you) and your dog(s) do on Pet Parent Day? Share a photo with us on Facebook

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