Time to Hit the Road Jack! A Road Travel Guide for You and Your Pet (Part 1)
By Guest writer, Jill D. Lane

So you think you’re set for that road trip with your pet….but are you?  This mini-series from New Mexico’s pre-eminent Pet Travel Guru, Travelin’ Jack, Roving Bulldog Reporter, will help you plan that special pet-friendly vacation!  Here are a few tips for the road-wise travelers–both 2 and 4-footed.

Today, more and more families consider their pet a family member and elect to take Fido with them on vacation instead of leaving him behind.  If you are in that group, you’re not alone. Pets make great travel companions. More and more locations are welcoming pets, making it easy to bring Fido along on vacation.

Travelin’ Jack thinks certain trips are just better pet-cations.  Outdoor activities…..hiking, camping, picnicking with the family, places that allow pets.  Plan accordingly. If there is a people-activity that doesn’t include Fido, check out Doggie Day Care options or Pet Sitters.  The key to a successful trip is to prepare BEFORE you jump in the auto!

A Road Travel Guide for You and Your Pet

You pack for yourself, ensuring you have proper travel clothes, sun screen and personal meds.  The same goes for your pet. Here’s a handy guide to make it easier to pack for Fido:

Travel Check List

  • Leashes (as in multiple).
  • ID Tags (with cell phone contact numbers).
  • Food & Water Dishes.
  • Health Certificate (up-to-date from your local vet).
  • Specific documents like Service Dog tags/papers.
  • Carrier Crate or Pet Car Harness.
  • Blanket and/or Bedding.
  • Extra sheets to cover furniture if pet will sleep in bed with you.
  • Food. Prepare single serving packs in individual baggies for each meal on the trip. Include several days extra supply of food.
  • Bottled Water and portable water bowl.
  • Healthy Pet Treats.
  • Clean-up Baggies/Litter Supplies.
  • Favorite Toys.
  • Pet First Aid Kit (should include gauze, bandages, adhesive tape, hydrogen peroxide, ointment, scissors, tweezers, rubbing alcohol).
  • Grooming Supplies (shampoo, wet-naps, nail clippers, comb/brush, and cleaning towels).
  • ID Kit (your pet’s photo with written description including: name, breed, gender, color/markings, weight, height, distinctive markings.
  • Emergency Clinic Information.  Research in advance a list of 24-hour veterinary clinics for each destination.

Got this list handled?  That’s Part One of the preparation. The next chapter includes those special TIPS for a dog-dandy road trip for the entire crew.