We know all of our pups are pretty excited about the paw-lidays! Let the heckin’ spirit ring with our rendition of “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” 🎄

Barkin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Barkin' around the Christmas tree
While we wait for dinner time
After we eat, we'll beg for treats
Then we'll go out for a run

Barkin’ around the Christmas tree
Let the heckin' spirit ring
Later we’ll play chase in the snow
And we'll fetch some toys and things

You will get a sentimental feeling
When you hear
Puppers howling, "Give me treat'os,
Don't forget the pug-erinos"

Sleepin' around the Christmas tree
Have a happy paw-liday
Everyone’s snoozing merrily
In the comfy human way!

Happy Holidays from our pack to yours! 🐶📺