It’s officially Be Kind to Animals Week®! This annual celebration was first established in 1915 by American Humane, just as the deaths of some 10 million horses were reported during World War I. Clearly, our world needed a lesson in kindness to animals and the world has become a better place for it.

Social enrichment is an important part of our dog’s lives, but how do we enrich the lives of dogs who aren’t as social as others? There are many ways we can help dogs that are unsociable have enriched lives. Here are five easy ways we can make our dogs’ life better and pay them the ultimate kindness.

5 Ways To Make Your Dog’s Life Better

Foraging Toys

Did you know that if your dog were in the wild he would spend up to 70% of his time searching for food? Hunting and foraging requires a lot of energy and creative problem solving. Foraging toys are fun ways to keep our dogs engaged during the day. The Snuffle Mat is one of our favorite ways to encourage exploration with our food-motivated dogs.

Sniff Walk

Even the most unsocial dog will love you when you take them out for a walk. When we take our dogs for a walk and give them ample time to sniff, we are showing them the ultimate kindness. Dogs have nearly 300 million scent receptors – that’s 50 times as many as humans!  This is just one reason all dogs love to explore through scent – and walks are the perfect place to introduce new stimuli. By allowing them to sniff the world as we walk, we are creating happy, fulfilled dogs.

Training with Treats and Toys

Encouraging fearless interaction is the ideal way to help a new dog overcome behavior problems. This means we need to build their confidence and one of the easiest ways to do this is through treats (if they are food-motivated) or toys (if they are toy-motivated). Make every engagement with you a fun one that builds your dog’s confidence.

Puzzle Solving

Just like humans, dogs spend a lot of energy thinking about solving problems. If you don’t give them a problem to solve, they may create one on their own. Keep your dog active with feeding puzzles. DogTV is another great way to stimulate your pets!


Now that we’ve taken our dogs out of the wild, it’s important to compensate them with a variety of sensory enrichment. One way to do this is to provide them with DOGTV – the first television experience created for dogs. Dogs don’t experience TV in the same we do, which is why we created the first channel just for dogs. DOGTV allows them to experience scientifically developed sights and sounds that dogs love.

Be sure to show a little extra kindness to your dog this week, and don’t forget about the millions of other animals who could use kindness.