dog cooling off in kiddie pool

Today’s guest writer is Stacy Mantle, Founder of PetsWeekly. Stacy is writing about ways to “beat the heat” with DIY toys. 

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Keeping cool is not always easy in the extreme heat we’ve seen around the country this year. States as far north as Montana are seeing temperatures normally reserved for the Southwest. The eastern half of the US also experiencing extreme heat and humidity, which can make the lives of our dogs nearly unbearable.

We’ve found a few tricks that will help you and your pets survive the summer heat. Let’s start with the simplest hack:

Optimize the air flow. If you don’t live in the desert, you may not know that your ceiling fan operates in two directions: clockwise and counter-clockwise. During the summer, you’ll want to make sure your fan is running counter-clockwise at a high speed. During winter, run it clockwise at a low speed to pull the cool air up and warm it.

Encourage more water consumption: The best thing you can do to keep your pets cool in summer is encourage extra water intake. Water is our best friend and life necessity. We found our pets are more likely to drink water if it’s tasty. That means healthy broths that are free from sodium.

Some of our dog’s favorites are Instant Bone Broths from The Honest Kitchen. These delicious dehydrated mixes can be added to water any time of the day. Choose from a variety of broths (beef, turkey and chicken), Bone Broth (with beef and turmeric), Pro-Bloom (with dehydrated goat’s milk that helps improve digestion) or their special Perfect Form, which also functions as an herbal digestive aid.

If you make your own broth, remember to keep it free from sodium!  Check out these other fun ways to encourage water consumption.

Cooling Equipment can help any dog stay cool and they are easy to make. Dip a bandana in water and wring it out, placing it around your dog’s neck for some extra cooling action. Elevated pet beds can help keep air circulating around your pets. Cooling vests can help keep your pets cool while they’re outdoors.

There is now a lot of equipment designed to keep pets cool – from elevated pet beds to cooling mats, there is something for everyone.

Water games: If you have a pool or access to a play area with a sprinkler system, these are fun ways to keep your dogs cool and still get some energy out of their system. A brisk game of tag or fetch played in sprinklers or a water hose can be cooling and fun!

Wading Pools: If you don’t have a regular pool in your yard, consider picking up a wading pool. These are ideal for any size dog and gives them a cool place to stretch out. Wading pools can be filled with everything from water or ice to tennis balls. If you choose to fill it with water, be sure to keep the water clean as algae and dangerous bacteria, along with mosquitos, can form quickly in warm stagnant water.

Remember, never shave your dog to cool them down. Unless it’s for a medical procedure, your dog should never lose their fur. This is especially true for double-coated dogs. Their thick coats does help keep them insulated from the sun.

Stay Indoors: The best way to stay cool is to stay indoors during the hottest parts of the day. But, what’s a dog to do? The answer is simple – turn on DOGTV for hours of enjoyment! Our dog-friendly programing is scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs. Now you and your pets can enjoy the indoors during the hot days of summer.