Have you ever wondered, “Do pet sitters to the stars do anything different, better… when they pet sit the dogs of celebrities?” Sometimes when our content team gets together, these are the things we ponder!

What we discovered in our research is that professional pet sitters and professional dog trainers treat celeb dogs just the same way they treat ours! That’s great news, right? Yes, some dogs live in a higher lap of luxury than others. Some dogs may wear designer jackets and boots and eat out of designer dog bowls, but dog trainers and pet sitters love them and train them the same way!

Celebrity pet sitters may need to keep “secrets” of the lives of the celebrities, and they don’t want to announce, “I’m walking the dog of XYZ Celeb.” Celebrities value their own privacy and they want to keep their pups safe from pupparazi as well as those individuals who may want to harm the pup of a celebrity.

Confessions Of Pet Sitters & Dog Trainers To The Stars

DOGTV works with celebrity trainer, Victoria Stillwell and in this video she shares what it’s like to be a dog trainer.

When pet parents hire a dog trainer or pet sitter we expect the best. We are entrusting our fur babies to someone and want to know they are being treated with the highest level of care and compassion.

Here is what to look for when hiring a pet sitter or dog trainer (this is news a celeb can use or a non-celeb pet parent!)

  1. Check references. You may want to take a chance on a new or fledgling dog trainer or pet sitter (everyone has to start somewhere, right?) or you may want to hire a known quantity. If you’re given references, check them.
  2. Watch how the sitter/trainer interacts with your dog during your initial meeting. If your dog seems happy and the trainer/sitter is comfortable and relaxed, then you may feel better leaving your beloved fur baby with him/her.
  3. Do a trial run. Don’t hire a pet sitter, have an initial meeting then go on a month-long vacation! We recommend, doing a trial run. Go away for an overnight. If you’re hiring a dog trainer, stay in the room and watch the training. A dog trainer will want you to see how he or she is training your pup so you can continue working with your dog when you get home. Find a trainer who believes in positive reinforcement training.

Nick White shows how he trains celebrity Ryan Reynolds‘ and John Cena’s dogs.

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