Pppsssst want to get in on a secret? Just kidding! It’s no secret that on August 23, DOGTV will be UNLEASHED! 

For the first time EVER anyone and everyone will be able to grab a week of free DOGTV. It is a gift your dogs will certainly thank you for. We’ve heard many dogs are barking about this promotion!

From August 23 to August 28, 2019 all accessible US Cable, satellite and online-streaming providers are joining together to host the largest viewing party of DOGTV Unleashed.

If you’ve ever wondered about DOGTV and whether its scientifically-designed programming is right for you and your pup, now is the time to check it out — no obligation. We bet your dog will thank you. 

We are pet parents, too and we understand the guilt we sometimes feel when we have to leave our pups home. It doesn’t matter if we are going to be gone for the day at work or just running errands — our pups miss us and we miss them. 

DOGTV Unleashes A Program Your Dog Will BARK About!

With DOGTV on your television, computer or tablet your dog won’t even know you’re gone. Okay, we take that back! They WILL know you’re gone, but they will be entertained and less anxious because they will be watching television designed uniquely for them. 

Click here to find out all the details for DOGTV Unleashed.

Some of the details you will want to be aware of for DOGTV Unleashed

What will DOGTV be offering during the week of August 23-28 (in addition to FREE programming?) 

Here are a few items: 

  1. A first look at new DOGTV programming. Yes, you will be getting an inside peek 
  2. The Giveaway of the Day; daily prize giveaways valued at $250
  3. :15 Seconds of Fame; your dog could be a star and be featured on DOGTV during Unleashed
  4. Pet Parent Programming; yes, during prime time viewing hours, when you are usually home with your dogs, you can enjoy the programming we have designed for people! Those shows include: Things We Woof About, The Dog Chef, The Adoption Show, Dog Star and more! 

Whether you’ve always wondered about DOGTV and its programming or if you’re new to the concept, we think you will LOVE this FREE week of dog-centric programming. Click here to sign up today.