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They are our loyal companions, through thick and thin, so why wouldn’t you choose to spend Valentine’s Day with your dogs?  No matter what your current relationship status, Valentine’s Day is always best spent with your best friend. Here are a few ways you can celebrate this special day with your dog! 

Valentine’s Day Goes to the Dogs

Relaxing Day at the Spa

There are so many amazing products for dogs these days that making your own dog spa is simple. Baths are the ideal way to rejuvenate from cold winter days and ideal for relieving aches and pains. 

We discovered that each of these CBD Bath Bomb from WoofQueen are perfect for two separate baths – one for you and one for your dog!  Just split a heart in half, drop into the bath and soak the day away. They are pet-friendly and human-friendly.  If you’re not sure your dog will enjoy a long soak, pick up one of the AquaPaw slow treater dispensing mats. Follow up with a relaxing “pawdicure” with this Pawdicure Pack with Natural Dog

Romantic Dinner for Two 

Prepare the ultimate dinner for two that you can share with your dog! These easy recipes are perfect for making Valentine’s Day treats for your pet, or using as a base to develop a full course! 

Don’t feel like cooking? Believe it or not, there are many pet-friendly restaurants – you need only find one near you for a fine night out on the town. BringFido tracks the best pet-friendly locales in the world. 

A Long, Relaxing Walk 

Paws down, one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog is by going for a long walk. January may have been “Walk Your Dog” month, but February is ideal for getting outside. If you’re in the south, the weather is brisk and you can still wear shorts. If you’re in the north, it might be a bit cooler, but it’s still warmer than January. Pick up a new leash and harness or collar and celebrate the midpoint of winter. 

Dig Dating App

Are you on the hunt for a significant other who loves dogs as much as you do? The new DIG Dating App is a great way to meet people who love pets. Because f the love of your life doesn’t love animals, chances are good it’s not a match made in Heaven. Find the right people for your life. 

Custom Art Suitable for Framing

MyPoochFace offers themed portraits (where your dog is pulled from one scene in a photo and placed into a new scene), digitally drawn portraits (a specialty service for ) and hand-painted portraits, where an artist handpaints your dog from the photo you provided. This is also a wonderful way to remember a lost pet on this special day.

Whatever your plans, make sure to include DOGTV in them! DOGTV’s entertainment technology makes certain your dog stays entertained all day (or night) long while you’re away or while you and your fur-baby curl up on the couch for your special Valentine’s Day together!