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Today’s guest writer, Stacy Mantle shares how to dress your dog For National Dress Up Your Pet Day as a way to enrich his life and your relationship with him.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your incredible fashion sense, “National Dress Up Your Pet” Day may be the day for you.

There are many different ways to dress up your pets, but it’s important to do it sensibly. Some pets don’t like frilly costumes, while others seem to delight in the attention.

But you don’t need a special holiday to dress your pets. There are lots of other reasons to splurge on a new coat or cute outfit. In fact, it’s sometimes it’s a necessity.  

Dress Up Your Dog: Enrich His Life

Dress for the Weather

If you live in a cold climate, this is one of the best times of years to dress up your pet. Even dogs who normally don’t like to wear clothing will find some comfort in a fashionable walking coat. Fortunately, there are some incredibly well-designed coats to choose from that will help your dog stay warm in winter.

For very cold climates, Ruffwear’s Climate changer is a fan favorite. These nice fitting coats help you  letting you change your pet’s clothes to the weather. The K9 Overcoat is another favorite, since it’s designed for super cold weather.

Choose a coat that is comfortable for your dogs. Some dogs prefer to stay warm without the restrictions of clothing, these types of coats are ideal. They are reversible, easy to put on, and non restricting.

If you live in a place that’s warm, make sure you consider the climate before dressing up your pets. Dogs can become easily overheated if they’re forced to wear a coat in warm weather.

The sun can also be very dangerous for our pets, especially for dogs with short coats. Overexposure can result in skin cancer. For dogs that have short fur (or no fur), consider a stylish sun shade shirt that will help protect them from the sun. Some of our favorites are from  Gold Paw Sun Shield, which helps to protect your pet’s skin from damaging rays.

Anxious Dogs

If your dog is the nervous type, they may find some immediate relief with a Thundershirt.

The Thundershirt is ideal for pets who are prone to anxiety from fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, vet visits or just have separation anxiety. The “swaddling design” is similar to what an infant child may find comforting.

Thundershirts have a tight fit, so it helps the dog feel like they’re being held. If you have a stressed out dog, this may be the perfect way to dress them up!

Collars, bandanas and Bow ties

Decorative collars are some of the easiest ways to dress your pet and in most cases, pets are not in the least disturbed by them!  Make sure you choose a collar that is not too big, and doesn’t have any small pieces that your pets could choke on or chew up.

There are many ways to dress your dog, and many occasions to do it. But be sure that you choose your dog’s costume or coat wisely. Your dog’s safety and comfort should be your first priority.

Will you dress your dog either for the weather, for safety or just to show off a new outfit? Share your photos with us!