Today’s guest writer is Stacy Mantle. She is writing what do know about Dog DNA.

As former President George H. W. Bush lies in state, mourners paid their respects in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. While not unexpected, the death of this 94-year old man has left its mark on America.

President Trump declared Wednesday, December 5, a national day of mourning, resulting in post offices being closed and federal workers being excused from work.

No matter where one stands in their political beliefs, respect must be accorded a two-term president whose dog rests quietly beside his casket. It’s a quiet reflection that in the end, Bush was just a man alone with a dog who adored him – a thought that is reassuringly humanizing.

Sully came into Bush’s life only six months prior to his death, but anyone who loves dogs knows that time is subjective when it comes to our pets. Love is timeless, as is duty and honor.

Some of us recall this golden dog, Sully, sitting quietly at Bush’s side earlier this year as he eulogized his wife, Barbara Bush. Both the president and the First Lady were avid dog lovers with “First Dogs” Milly and Ranger living in the White House during their terms.

Sully served our former President well, despite only being with him a few months. After Wednesday’s funeral, Sully will be reassigned to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Facility Dog Program where he will assist veterans with physical therapy as they recover from injuries.

Rest in peace, President Bush. Your impact will echo through the halls of American history.