ON the Road Guidelines to Ensure a Happy Trip for ALL! (Part 3)
By Guest writer, Jill D. Lane

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Photo: LuAnne DeMeo

TRAVEL TIME! Everyone’s ready for that road trip.  Travelin’ Jack shares a few of his favorite tips to ensure a safe, comfortable and FUN trip for everyone.

  • Car Safety. Secure your pet while traveling. Harnesses or a crate in the back seat works great too!
  • More Car Safety.  NEVER leave your pet in the car even for a few minutes.  Heat escalates in an enclosed car and pets overheat rapidly. IF there is a chance the pet has become overheated, go IMMEDIATELY to the closest vet for assistance.
  • Travel Sickness or Fear of Travel. Plan ahead for your pet’s special needs. Does Fido get car sick or fearful?  Be prepared for travel sickness needs with meds from your vet.
  • Pet Accoutrements.  ALWAYS likes to sport his newest T-Shirt, bandanna, and his backpack with all his collector’s pins…bragging rights about where he’s visited!  
  • My Favorite Things. Take his favorite blanket, toys, and doggie snacks.  Familiar pet items make a happier Fido!
  • Parks. They are a dog’s best friend (well almost …his person is #1 we all know!).  Check each park’s rules and pet policies. Follow their rules.
  • Potty Stops. Stop about every 2 hours. Take a short hike & potty break in the great outdoors.  Good spots include Visitor Information Centers & roadside rest areas.
  • Leash Rules.  ALWAYS be on a leash in strange places.  Make sure the leash is secured on Fido, and in the owner’s hand before opening your car door.  Bring spare leashes.

Dining Tips

  • Pack your dog’s normal food.  Pack each meal portion in a plastic sealable sandwich baggie.  Makes dinnertime quick! Then toss the empty baggy….so Easy.
  • Dining Al-Fresco. Many restaurants offer ‘PET-IO’ dining on their patio.  Some even offer treats and bowls of water for the dining pooch.
  • Picnics are always enjoyable, whether en-route to your destination or while enjoying an outdoor adventure.
  • Carry-out options for the hotel room. Everyone can relax for dinner together with Fido.
  • Drive-In Restaurants.  If Fast Food is the menu du jour, check out the area Drive-Ins.  It’s quick, inexpensive…and includes Fido.

Lodging Tips

  • Hotel pet amenities.  Many pet friendly hotels offer special pet amenities and services …from food bowls, Welcome doggie gifts to Pet-Sitting & even Paw-dicures!  
  • Never leave your pet unattended in the room. If you need to go somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, check out pet sitting services or doggie-day care. Many hotels have that information.  

Some hotel properties DO allow the pet to stay in the room unaccompanied, make sure Fido is comfortable in his crate, with toys and treats.  Always leave an active cell phone number with the front desk in case of a problem.

  • Be a great Ambassador!  Check with the Hotel staff for the property’s various pet-friendly options.  AND what is NOT pet friendly! Most public areas of hotels are pet-friendly, but don’t assume.  
  • Always clean up after your pet. The Golden Rule.

So there you have it! These easy tips are sure to make your next road trip fun for everyone. Happy Trails to you and Fido too!  

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