Today’s guest writer is Stacy Mantle. She is writing about how music can enrich your dog’s environment.

Just as music impacts our mood, it has a similar effect on our dogs. Throughout time, we have known the power of music. It’s been used as a tool to narrate the past, incite revolutions, and yes, even calm the savage beast.

Music therapy is being used to improve the lives of animals in shelters, veterinarian offices and most importantly, at home. But, what type of music should you be playing for your dog?

How Music can Enrich Your Dog’s Life

Classical Music

We know from a 2002 study from Queen’s University that classical music ranks among our dog’s favorite calming types of music. The study discovered that dogs who listened to heavy metal music (such as Metallica), exhibited stress symptoms (such as increased barking, standing up more frequently, and pacing nervously).

When classical music was played (favorites included Vivaldi and Beethoven), dogs were prone to relax and calm down. They barked less frequently and slept more often.

Reggae Music

Your dog may be even more impacted by reggae music and soft rock, according to a study by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) published in the journal of Physiology and Behavior.

In this study, the participants were played six-hour long playlists of different music genres. Researchers measured the dogs’ heart rates, cortisol levels and other stress indicators to identify which forms of music were most calming. Surprisingly, reggae and soft rock were the most popular!  

Finding the Beat

Just like humans, every dog is different and each may prefer a different style of music. Finding the right music for your dog may be as simple as identifying the tones and rhythms they prefer. These concepts can help you identify the type of music your dogs will prefer:

  • Short Tones: Studies show that most dogs prefer long tones rather than short tones
  • Regular Tempos and Rhythms: Most dogs prefer regular rhythms that are similar to their heartbeat when in they are in a calm state. This is why classical, reggae and soft rock are appealing to them. Abstract rhythms tend to create stress in pets.
  • Pure Tones: Pure tones (those that are played in regular keys rather than “flat” or “sharp” keys), tend to be most calming.

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