If you are a fan of camping, chances are you adore the wildlife and the animals within it. Some campers love taking their dogs, on these camping adventures with them.

We want to keep our companions safe during these trips and make sure they are having as much fun camping as we do. If this is the first time you want to bring your four-legged companion with you on a camping trip, here are things you need to know to make the trip as smooth and worry-free as possible.

How To Camp With Your Dog

 Make Sure The Area You Want To Camp In Is Dog-Friendly

It can be a disappointment to travel a long distance to a campsite, only to find a “pets not allowed” sign within the area. Although this is a rare occurrence and most areas are pet-friendly, make sure you do your research before deciding on a location to set up.

Before The Trip, Visit The Vet

When exposed to the wild, dogs can be victims of bacteria and unwanted side effects as humans, especially when it comes to fleas or ticks.

Ensure your dog is healthy and prepared for such an adventure. As a precaution equip yourself with flea and even tick medication.

Bring Your Dog’s ID

When preparing for the trip make certain your dog’s documents are up-to-date. These documents can include a card with your dog’s ID as well as a vaccination record and health history.

Make sure the contact information on your dog’s tag is current as this can help people identify your dog if he gets lost. His ID and medical records will be necessary if you need to visit the vet while camping.

Bring along a current photo of your dog and one of you and your dog, as proof that he is yours. Bring along a current photo of your dog and one of you and your dog, as proof that he is yours.

Pack The Essentials

When delving into the wild, you may come across some areas that require your dog to be leashed. In fact it is wise to keep your dog leashed in an unfamiliar location.

You may also encounter wild animals that might provoke your dog and you will need to interfere; always pack a leash when going on an adventure with your dog.

Pack tweezers in case you need to remove a tick.

Pack lightweight and collapsible bowls to take on your adventure. Collapsible bowls help in bag space management. 

Bring A First Aid Kit

While most of us bring first aid kits with us on trips, the remedies and medicine can vary when it comes to taking care of our animals. Invest in a pet-specific first aid kit to help you care for your dog if it gets hurt on the trip.

Clean After Your Dog; Especially In The Wild

Bring along poop bags and clean after your dog to keep the camping environment clean and secure. It is also the responsible pet parent thing to do. Make sure the camping site is clean will be enjoyable for you and other campers around you and those who will come after you.

Make Sure Your Dog Has A Comfortable Place To Sleep

Make sure your dog has a cozy and warm sleeping surface, as nights can get cold and the ground is uncomfortable. Whether your dog will be snuggled in with you in your tent or sleeping bag or in his own sleeping bag is your choice. Decide on this before the trip and pack accordingly.

Bringing your dog with you on a camping trip can be an excellent bonding experience and enhance the adventurous spirit.

Follow these tips to ensure the trip goes as smoothly as possible. Have fun and enjoy camping with your companion.

Guest blogger: Alex from PetsForHomes.com.au

Do you camp with your dog? We’d love to hear your best camping trip tips. Please share in the comments!