It’s not always easy making decisions for your dogs, particularly if you’re a new dog owner. The best you can do is make an informed decision and there is perhaps no more important decision than how to train your dog.

There are many training methods in the world, but only one method consistently yields long term results and empowers both the handler and the dog – and that is positive reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement (aka Treat Training):
Positive reinforcement training is best defined as ignoring bad behavior and rewarding good behavior. Behaviorists and scientists alike find that this is the best way to train any type of animal as it results in a higher state of learning that is applied over a longer period of time.

This training style does not use any type of force or discipline. The results come from a dog’s desire to learn and a healthy bond between dog and owner. This technique relies on hand signals, verbal cues, toys, clickers and treats.

This style of training is the best long-term solution to any breed of dog. It’s been proven that dogs of all breeds have the most reliable results and many have demonstrated that using this training style will more closely bond you and your dog.

Talk to trainers in your area and make an informed decision on training methods for your dog.