Today’s guest writer is Robbi Hess, Story Editor at Positively Woof. Robbi is writing about how to turn your dog into an Instagram superstar.

Your dog is adorable! Your dog loves to have his photo taken and the camera simply loves him. Great! Is there something you can do to help your dog become Instagram famous? How do dogs like Doug The Pug and others garner so much attention and Insta-fame?

With diligence, planning and a bit of luck your adorable pup can become the Instagram star you know she deserves to be!

How To Make Your Dog An Instagram Star

What makes your pup unique? Does she have unique colorings? Does he “smile”? Can she do adorable tricks? Take some time to discover what it is that your dog has that the dog “down the street” just doesn’t have.

We know ALL dogs are unique and special to their pet parents, but what you’re looking for is that special something your dog has that you can share in photos and videos that will set Instagram a-fire!

What will be your pet’s “theme”? Does he have a facial expression like Grumpy Cat? Is she a Great Dane whom you treat and dress up like a baby and she craves the attention? Do you have a tiny dog who acts like he’s much bigger?

Will you “talk” for your dog when she’s in hilarious situations? Will your dog be the voice of reason during “dangerous” events? Have you decided your dog will be the narrator of your life and you will be showing that in photos, memes and videos?

Did you rescue your dog from a horrific situation and you now want to share with the world where he came from, why you rescued him and how his life has changed and continues to change? Did you adopt your dog from the local shelter and she has become your “heart dog”? People love a heart-warming story and just might love watching your relationship bloom through the photos you share. Everyone loves a Cinderella story!

Find the theme you will focus on and hone in on that with the photos and videos you share on Instagram. Remember, if you have a puppy, he will grow out of the puppy-stage so you’re looking for a theme that will follow your dog from the moment you start his Instagram rise to stardom until he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Be ready to launch. Don’t jump into Instagram and other social media pages without having a bank of photos available. You don’t want to start your pages, post one photo then walk away until next week when your pup does something adorable and you have another photo to post.

We know you will want to launch after you’ve taken that first photo, but if you do and if people see that first pic, they may want more. If you are scrambling to take more adorable Insta-worthy photos you will be frenetic and your dog will notice that and may not cooperate for the next photo shoot.

Have a lot of photos on hand so you can post regularly — a couple of times a day — to get your brand (yes, your dog will be a brand) noticed.

Research the competition. Get on Instagram and look for other dogs that are the same breed as yours. Check them all out. What will set your dog apart from those who have come before you? This may be because of the theme you’ve chosen for your dog and his Instagram rise to stardom.

Build your dog’s bio. The first thing you will want to do is choose an Instagram user name. You want to be unique, but not so unique that people can’t find you or spell your dog’s name. You want to be easy to find in a search but not so easy that your budding Instagram star will get lost amidst the others. Use your dog’s name or a variation of it. Use his name and his theme, for example: @MarioTheDancingDog or a rhyming name like Doug The Pug.

After you have the user name, now it’s time to build your dog’s bio. Be funny. Be unique. Be memorable. Have a bio that makes people laugh out loud or a bio that brings them to tears. If your dog is going to be adorable, make sure the bio matches that. If your dog is going to be full on snark, the bio needs to represent that; @ADogNamedAllie is famous for snark.

Be engaged. Yes, you’re trying to get your dog famous on Instagram, but you need to be social and interact with others. If people comment on your photos, write back — have a conversation and begin relationship-building.

Spend time on Instagram following the pages of others, commenting on their photos. Social media, after all, is about being social.

If you’re looking to make your dog Instagram famous, grab your camera, grab the dog treats and start taking adorable photos. We can’t wait to see them!