Is school going to be back in session this year? No one really knows. Coronavirus has caused so many shifts in our lives and workstyles and the ways in which our children attend school. In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shutdown of the country, our dogs had to learn to cope with their pet parents being home all day. Dogs, creatures of routine, were showing signs of stress and anxiety simply because they were no longer home alone.

NOW, though our pups have grown accustomed to us being home all day and if we go back to work or school they need to re-aquaint themselves with the empty, lonely house. It’s a lot of changes we are asking our pups to deal with, right? And as pet parents we want to do what we can for them to ease them into transitions — whether you’re home or going away — and that can happen by taking steps before the shift happens to create a new routine.

How To Prepare Your Dog For An Empty House: Back To School Days

Practice. Yes, practice for your dog being home alone and you being gone. Get into the routine you’d normally have when school goes back and you leave for work. Get the children involved (if they’re going back to school). Have them pack their backpacks, get their shoes and other items and head out the door. You should do the same — get into your regular routine and leave the house. Getting your dog back into the swing of the routine is a great way to make the transition from full house to empty house easier.

Treats. If your pups are going to be home alone, give them new (or different) toys and treats. Swapping out your pet’s toys will make them seem like brand new. You can buy new toys or swap out current toys. Give your dog a food treat puzzle; keeping his brain and his body engaged will help keep him entertained and perhaps prevent any undesirable behaviors (chewed shoes, for example!)

Company. Consider hiring a dog walker or pet sitter or asking a family friend or neighbor to pop over and spend some time with your pup during the day. She will be happier if she has a visitor and an afternoon walk will give her a break from the monotony of her day and will also help her expend some energy.

“Company” can also come in the form of DOGTV! Turn on the television and sign into your DOGTV app and give your pup the company that comes from this canine enrichment technology. Your pup will be treated to scientifically-developed programming designed to entertain, relax and stimulate. With DOGTV on, your dog is never truly home alone.

Sign up for your FREE trial of DOGTV. We recommend spending time with your pup and watching DOGTV together. This will get her accustomed to what she sees on the television and who truly doesn’t want to snuggle in with their pup for some entertaining programming?