If you’re involved in the pet industry, chances are good you have plans to attend the Global Pet Expo this month in Orlando, Florida. At Global Pet Expo, over 1,000 companies around the world show off the latest and greatest products for dogs (as well as every other species).  If this is your first year attending the show, these are the goals you should work towards: 

Have a plan. At last year’s show, we averaged eight to ten miles of walking per day. 

Be sociable. No matter where you are at the show, take a minute to introduce yourself to others. You’ll find the pet industry to be very encouraging and supportive. 

Learn. Before you head to the show, make sure you have a list of questions  (or answers) on any topic you find interesting. 

Attend receptions.  In the pet industry, your relationships are key to your success! There are a number of events available to all attendees, but they do depend on whether you are attending as media, buyer, exhibitor or guest. Visit GlobalPetExpo.org and click the “Show Info” tab to see what’s available for you.

What’s New This Year for Dogs? 

With more than 600 booths devoted to dogs, expect to see a lot of new products for pets. These will range from incredible pet tech to all-natural paw balms; eco-friendly serving bowls to environmentally-safe doggy bags – there will be a little of everything to explore.

Natural products and pet food products are always big at this show. Expect to see new types of natural food, lots of CBD products, supplements (from green-lipped mussel powder additives to blood protein supplements). There will be thousands of new leashes and a to CBD supplements, natural shampoos and conditioners to skin remedies. 

We predict pet foods will be fresher, more sustainable, and featuring some very novelty proteins – including alligator, catfish, kangaroo and even insect proteins. Shopping for your dog has never been easier. This year, the boutique offers thousands of products devoted to keeping your pet stylish and healthy.

The Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on GPE

COVID-19 is impacting GPE this year. While there are over 1,000 companies from 28 countries scheduled to exhibit, you may still see some empty booths. Sadly, Coronavirus (COVID-19) will primarily impact exhibitors from China. The vast majority have stated they will not be exhibiting and will not have outside representation available to take their place at this year’s Show. So be sure to check out the websites of the companies not in attendance to stay up to date on the latest products. 

Have fun. Be professional and courteous while you stroll the booths. People have worked very hard to reach this important industry show! Keep an open mind on the products you see and learn why they are important to the industry. You may be surprised at what you learn! 

If your dog is attending with you, consider signing up for a free trial of DOGTV to keep him or her entertained in the room after you’re done with the show activities!