There is nothing more stressful to a pet parent than to imagine his or her dog is having an anxiety attack. We have put together this video to help you recognize the signs and to help alleviate them.

What are the signs your dog is having an anxiety attack?

  1. Being alone. Dogs are pack animals and if they are the only pet in the house you are their pack
  2. Physical changes
  3. Does he pant or bark when you’re getting ready to leave?
  4. How they react to touch
  5. Rapid heart rate
  6. Rapid pulse rate
  7. Chewing your property
  8. Higher temperature

By helping minimize your dog’s anxiety you are helping your dog, yourself, people with whom you interact and you may also be protecting your home from a dog’s desctructive behaviors?

DOGTV can help alleviate stress, minimize anxiety and overcoming loneliness in a non medicinal way.

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