That’s why we’ve created DOGTV 3D! And just like we did with regular DOGTV, we want to run a test market with 500 dogs so we can learn and improve this NEW (well, to dogs) and exciting feature before it’s offered to the rest of our furry audience.

We’re looking for dogs of all breeds, ages and derpiness! Does your dog have eyes? Chances are he will qualify. Is your dog blind? She will qualify too, because we are also testing multidimensional audio-acoustics to accompany this new trippy-dimensional feature.

By combining 3D visual and audio, our hope is that your dog will be too perplexed to even know you’re not at home!

The last day to be considered for PAW-peration 3D is March 31st. Sign up today!

April Fools! 

Sorry if you were looking forward to DOGTV 3D. We want your dog to be relaxed and entertained, not tripped out and spazzy! So while our scientific research shows that dogs can benefit from DOGTV in 2D, we’re not quite sure about 3D yet.

If you’re new to DOGTV sign up for a free trial  and use coupon code APRILWOOF for 30 days free. We’re sure your pups will love it!