Today’s guest writer is Maggie Marton, writer and dog wrangler at Oh My Dog! She is writing about tech gifts for your dog.  

Tech goes pet with gadgets that keep your dog happy, healthy, safe, and calm. A flood of pet-specific gizmos hit the stores. With so many options that do so many things, how do you know what will be serve your pet?

We waded through them all to pick the best ones out there. These five will top every pup’s list to Santa this year!

Tech Gifts For Your Dog

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Not a new product but a reliable, pet-tested, dog-approved toy! The automatic ball launcher allows your pup to toss the ball for himself. You choose the distance–10, 20, or 30 feet–and your dog does the rest. Perfect for the dog who can chase a ball for hours on end or for one who just needs to blow off a little steam during the day.  

Calmz Anxiety Relief System by Petmate

If you love an anxious dog, you know that it can be tough to find products that work consistently, especially in times of extreme stress (i.e. the holiday season). The Calmz® Anxiety Relief System is an adjustable vest that your dog wears. It holds a device over specific acupressure points on your dog’s spine. You turn it on, and the vest jumps in to calm and soothe your dog with a combination of music, tones, and vibrations.


If you’ve ever wondered what your pet really does all day, then this device is for you! Or, if you’ve ever wished you could just check in with your dog from your desk, this is definitely the device for you! The Petchatz camera allows two-way connection: You can see your pet, and your pet can see you. You can dole out treats and scents from the smartphone-connected app, and your pet can see and hear you to make the time apart a little bit easier.  

Foscam Home Camera

If you’re not looking for the bells and whistles of pet-specific cameras, or if you’re wanting to see what your pet’s up to on a smaller budget, a Foscam IP-enabled camera might be what you need! Internet-based so you can check in from anywhere on any device, Foscam offers a huge range of options that allow you to check in on your pets anywhere you have internet access.


Track your pet’s location and activity from wherever you are. If you have an escape artist, or if you’re trying to keep tabs on your pet’s weight and health, the Whistle is the perfect solution. In its third iteration, the Whistle attaches to your pet’s collar and provides you with valuable data about her health and wellbeing, especially if the worst happens and she gets loose.


Stream programming to any device! The content is scientifically-developed to provide your dog with the exact kind of enrichment he or she needs when left alone. Pair it with any of the tech listed here and give your dog the gift of a canine-enrichment connected Christmas!