Today is National Dog Day and we’re bringing you our favorite dogs!

We’re slowing down a bit during the final dog days of summer, so it’s perfectly natural to be thinking about ways to fill the long, hot afternoons. While you’re cooling down, why not check out the hottest Instagram dog accounts? These are a few of our favorites! 

Loki The Wolfdog | 

More than two million people follow the outdoor adventures of this gorgeous wolf hybrid on Instagram. He is part of Kelly Lund’s family, a professional photographer and avid outdoorsman, so it’s little wonder their photos are so stunning. Together, Kelly and Loki have explored most of the country and Canada by truck. Loki  “rings in at about 75lbs of fluff and silliness,” according to his dad. 

Buddy Boo Waggy Tails |

Boo was a sweet pomeranian who belonged to a San Francisco-based Facebook employee. He became popular after Kesha (singer) tweeted that she “had a new boyfriend” and linked to his page. He became the subject of four photo-books. Sadly, Boo had a heart problem and passed peacefully in his sleep in January 2019. While Boo is no longer with us in this world, his pages are still regularly updated. 

It’s Doug The Pug |

This Nashville, TN dog is one of the many that went viral overnight with a cute video. Today, Doug boasts nearly four million followers, six million on Facebook and now has his own line of pet treats and toys. He’s known for his pop culture photos and has even appeared in a music video of Fall Out Boy. 

Maru the Shiba |

Maru the Shiba (aka, Marutaro), lives in Japan and is responsible for many famous Internet memes due to his reputation as the “Happiest Dog in the Country.” Maru now has his own store filled with merchandise that features his adorable face. When his dad isn’t charming 2.5 million Instagrammers with smiling photos of Maru, he’s busy managing a department store. 

Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund |

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, with nearly one million followers on Youtube and Instagram, with more than 2.5  million followers on Facebook is known for his hilarious videos about dachshunds doing things. This popular pup now has book deals and a line of calendars along with a larger than life personality! 

Jiff Pom |

More than 10 million Instagrammers follow this tiny Pomeranian who boasts three Guinness World Records, starred in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video and was Nickelodeon’s People’s Choice Award for favorite Instagram pet. This tiny bear-like pup will leave a huge paw print on your heart. 

Do you have a favorite dog to follow? Tell us about your favorite Instagram accounts (or any other social media pets that you love to read about)! Maybe we’ll work in an interview or two in some upcoming posts!