We’ve recently returned from Global Pet Expo (GPE), the largest pet product show in the industry! GPE takes place each year in Orlando, Florida and is host to over 1,100 exhibitors and nearly 3,500 booths. We averaged just over seven miles of walking at the show each day – which tells you how big this the floor really is.

We spent the week roaming the show for the newest pet products to share with you. Here’s a look at a few of the pet products that caught our eye!

CBD for Pets

Treatibles CBD Dog Treats

If you haven’t heard yet, hemp is the new darling of the pet industry. The hemp plant naturally produces oils and compounds known as cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is not psychoactive (unlike the more commonly known compound, phytocannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in marijuana). Millions have discovered that CBD is not only good for human patients, but for dogs as well. CBD may help treat behavior disorders, help manage pain, and even stop seizures. Companies like Treatibles now make it easy to give your dogs in treats. Make sure you choose a reputable company who has a long history.



Practical Solutions to Common Problems

Pet parents need simple solutions to behavioral issues like scratching, destroying furniture, escaping yards and more. That’s why we love the new products from ClawGuard. CLAWGUARD has created door shields, furniture shields and invisible tape to help solve the most common issues related to pet parenting. If you rent or own a property, you need these products!


For the dogs who dig out of fencing, we discovered another simple fix – Dig Defence. These claw-like footers can be easily added to any existing fence line to make it nearly impossible for your dog to dig out (or for predators to dig in).

Surgi~Snuggly E-Collar Alternative

An Alternative to the E-Collar

Dogs don’t like the dreaded e-collar after surgery any more than we do. Surgi Snuggly is a new way to protect your pet’ssurgical sites while keeping them comfortable. This full-body “dog suit” is made from antimicrobial material and can be used to cover the entire body, keeping your dog safe from himself after surgery. This is also an ideal fix for dogs who are being treated for skin conditions, experience incontinence, or have anxiety as the snug fit helps pets feel more secure and protected.

Helpful Products that Can Change Your Life

Canine Colors

A new personality survey called Canine Colors may very well help you find your next dog! If you already have your heart dog, this may help you understand one another a little better. This unique personality evaluation tool for dogs and people comes complete with eight elegant cards and a workbook you can use to evaluate personalities, and offers tools to help you manage the results.


Affordable Allergy Tests for Pets

Last, but certainly not least, is affordable allergy testing for pets and people. This is a relatively new approach to an ancient problem – identifying allergens. Simply order the test, place 10-15 hairs in the small plastic pouch and return to Affordable Pet Testing. Within a few weeks, they will return the results of their tests on over 300 possible allergens that you or your pet may be reactive to, including possible food allergens, nutrient deficiencies and environmental allergens. Learn more about this incredible way to narrow down intolerances in pets and people to https://AffordableAllergyTest.com

This was just a brief glance at a few of our favorites, but stay tuned – we have many more Things We Woof About to share with you soon!