By Nicole Johnson

I am a Korean adoptee who is a transplant to Minnesota. I am a farm girl at heart who loves her animals. I consider my pets as a part of my family. I am a funny, outgoing, old soul who loves to connect not just people, but animals. I find the most joy when I am surrounded by loving friends, family, clients, furry friends and yummy food.

When I’m not at my salon cutting hair; I love the simple things like sitting on my porch with my family and dogs reading a book. I enjoy spending time with my family and experiencing adventures with Ramona and Beezus.

I have a blog called MONABEBE that talks about my family’s stories and the integration of my two charismatic dogs adventuresome lifestyle. There is no topic untouched and no rock not sniffed. I hope you enjoy this blog and get to know my BFF (best furry friends).

Meet Ramona & Beezus my two rambunctious dogs who rule the roost.

Beezus Ramona

The idea of having a second dog sounds like an amazing adventure.  Two dogs are double the excitement and fun. However, before you decide to take the leap into adopting a second dog check out some of the questions I have below.

  • Is my current dog well trained? Having your dog well trained is extremely important before introducing a new dog into your life. If you’re current dog shows bad habits chances are your new one will pick up the same signals. Be sure you’re confident that your dog listens and obeys commands. Having two dogs that don’t obey may create some dangerous situations.
  • What are the reasons you want a second dog? Think about the reason why you want a second addition.  Do you genuinely like the idea of having a second dog? Is it to give your dog someone to play with? Are you bored? Figure out if you have legitimate reasons for wanting a second dog. If you are prepared and know what your game plan is having a second dog won’t be an overwhelming experience.
  • Do you have the time? Will you have time for having twice the responsibilities? Double the dog walking, training, feeding, bathing, vet bills, and more. Will you have the time to devote enough affection and one on one play time?
  • Can you afford a second dog? Having an additional dog may be overwhelming when you’re not prepared for the overall life time expenses.  Think about paying twice for everything. For example, vet bills, food, toys, treats, boarding, daycare etc.
  • How old is your current dog? Take into consideration the age of your current dog.  It may or may not be a good idea to sacrifice the health of your current dog. Your dog could hate the idea of a new dog and become stressed and create additional problems.
  • Do you have a backup plan? Make sure to have a backup plan in case the adoption doesn’t work out. Figure out if there is a trial time period? Figure out what the return policy is from who or where you are receiving the dog from.
  • Have you thought about fostering? Fostering a dog is a great way to introduce your current dog to a new dog.  It helps to give your dog a trial time to adjust easily to having another dog around. There are great benefits to fostering.  It’s a great way to give yourself and your household a trial run before making the decision to adopt.  If the dog is not the right fit for your family there is always the option to wait for another foster who may need adopting.

Educate yourself and your family before getting a second dog. Make sure you’re ready for responsibilities of having two dogs.  Seriously consider fostering a dog. You could save a dog’s life and a dog could save yours.