Summer is over and that means the fall television season is here! What better way to welcome in television and movie season than with a top ten list of dogs in television and movies? 

We know this top ten is very subjective and you may scratch some off of this list and add in your own — we’d love you to do that! I’d love for you to tell me what are your favorite television and movie star dogs and why! 

Drumroll, please! In no particular order other than this is how they popped into my head and some may just be my favorite television or movie dogs. 

Top Ten Dogs In TV & Movies

Pony from Veronica Mars. Okay, I admit this is my favorite television dog — mainly because Veronica Mars is one of my favorite shows. The dog, Pony, is probably larger than a miniature horse and first shows up when Veronica (Kristen Bell) comes home and asks him, “Is daddy home?” He was. 

Stella from Modern Family. Stella is a French Bulldog who has been portrayed since season four by Beatrice. Stella became a member of the Pritchett family when Jay (the patriarch) had a meeting with Stella’s trainer who was moving and couldn’t take her. Jay grudgingly took her in and is now her biggest fan. 

Bruno from It’s Bruno. This show, billed as a dramedy on Netflix, is about Malcom and his beloved Bruno and the funny things that happen to them in their Brooklyn neighborhood. 

Brian Griffin from The Family Guy. Brian talks, drinks and has a snarky attitude. He was, in a few hilarious episodes, replaced by James Woods. Brian is sometimes the smartest guy in the room. 

Eddie from Frasier. Eddie was a Jack Russell Terrier who played a role on the show, which debuted in 1993. Eddie, whose real name was Moose has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was the dog of the title character, Frasier’s father, and was a thorn in Frasier’s side. 

Beloved Movie Dogs 

Uggie, from the the award-winning movie, The Artist. Uggie has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In his early life, Uggie had bounced between homes and was destined for the pound until he was fostered by animal trainer Omar Von Muller. Uggie starred in many commercials and movies. In addition to The Artist, he also appeared in Water For Elephants. 

Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Who can forget this little pup who traveled with Dorothy and her companions all the way from Kansas to Oz and back again? 

Marley of Marley and Me. This movie is about a 100 pound dog who insists on acting like a puppy and wreaks havoc on the house and the family, but he is so darn adorable! 

Benji stars in a movie about a homeless dog who tracks down two kidnapped children and saves the day. Benji was a former shelter dog. 

Tramp from Lady And The Tramp. This pup, whose name is Monte, was recently rescued from a shelter in Arizona and will be starring in his first role which debuts in November. 

We love stories that share the successes of rescue dogs who find forever homes and go on to star in television and movies! Many of the dogs we feature in our DOGTV videos and programming are rescue dogs! 

Okay, let us know… who is your favorite movie and/or television star? Share your comment with us on our Facebook page!