While I love watching a pampered purebred trot across a show ring, mixed-breed mutts hold the biggest place in my heart. Hybrids have not only impacted me with their antics, they have captured the world. This week, we’re celebrating five of the most famous mutts in CGI animation history. 


Both reality and fiction represented this mixed breed as part Siberian Husky, part Arctic wolf. The famous hybrid is known for making the last leg of a journey to deliver diphtheria serum to Nome, Alaska. Balto, the live-action animated film featured a CGI-animated version of this dog in 1995. 


In real life, the sled run to retrieve the medicine was actually a relay. Instead of being the leader of the first and only team, Balto was the leader of the 20th and last team to carry the medicine to Nome. The longest and most hazardous distance was traveled by the 18th and third-to-last team, which was led by Togo. In 2019, Togo was honored with a special CGI-movie that gave credit where it was due. 

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Buck made a splash in 1935 when The Call of the Wild movie came out. The movie, based on the 1903 novel by Jack London, made a splash in Hollywood. Buck made a comeback in The Call of The Wild starring Harrison Ford last year, but this was the first time a live-action film dog was played by a man. 

This St.Bernard-Leonberger-Sheperd mix made a big impact at the box office in 2020 when a 51-yr-old former Cirque du Soleil performer named Terry was digitally transformed into mixed breed sled dog. After a few minutes of watching,  you will not even remember the entire process was digitized.  

Lady and the Tramp

While we don’t know for sure what breed Hanna-Barbera (the creator of Lady and the Tramp cartoon) intended Tramp to be, we do know that he was a very special mutt. The magnificent mixed-breed began life as a cartoon strip, was later animated by Disney, and is now enjoying time on the big screen as a live-action remake. Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson perform the voice roles of Tramp and Lady as they continue on their adventures in 2019. 

“Tramp” was a shelter dog who was rescued from a shelter in Arizona and turned into a movie star dog!


One of my personal favorites growing up was the animated Underdog. His breed was a mystery, but his girlfriend showed us that love knows no bounds – Sweet Polly Purebred made a mark on Muttley, the star of the series. 

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