Virtual casting call

Submit your dog’s video for a chance to be featured on network TV in 70 million homes!

  • Take a video of your dog*

  • Select a video category

  • Submit your dog’s video!

 *(60-90 seconds, horizontal not vertical)

Video guidelines

1. Horizontal or vertical?

​Shoot with your phone in landscape mode (horizontal).

2. Quality?

Preferably full HD 1920X1080. New smartphones can film in very high resolutions, like 4K. We don’t need that. The default quality should be HD, so as long as you shoot in HD that’ll be great!

3. How do I film my dog?

Try to follow your dog’s movement – the more we see your dog the better.

4. Is talking allowed in the video?

Speaking in the background is fine, and we can use it, as long as there is no background music. Please do not use music.

5. Should I edit my video before I submit it?

Try not to ‘edit’ the video – we’ll appreciate not having any text, effects or music in the video. We will do all that in the editing.

6. How long should the video be?

The recommended length of a video is 30 to 90 seconds.