Sara Brooks, San Diego

“ Cujo is in his 3rd week of DOGTV. His behavior has improved so much that it seems he is not the same dog!

He was so good in the car yesterday.

Thank you so much DOGTV!”

“Great idea! Not only is my dog attuned to your show but I enjoy watching my dog watch.  Really like your Channel! ” 

“All dog owners and dog lovers must see this! Now your dog has a TV station to watch when you leave them alone”

John Evans, Los Angeles

Angela Farmer, New York

“Love DOGTV. Been an online subscriber for a while and seen marked improvement in separation anxiety and anxious behavior. The dogs don't even react to sirens anymore!”

Richard Smith, Ossining, New York

Watch the amazing story of Jeff Bradberry from Greenville, SC, and his dog Regal

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They are wagging their tails. 

                                    (Kellie Murphy, New Jersey)

“DOGTV is the best invention since sliced bread!"

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