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10 Heartwarming Dog Movies for a Cozy Valentine's Night In

10 Heartwarming Dog Movies for a Cozy Valentine's Night In

It's rom-com season—and it’s not only for two-legged romantics! Yup, it's prime time to snuggle on the couch with your pooch and indulge in some parent/dog movie nights. 

And what better way to do both activities and make a night of it than a Valentine's Day movie marathon? 

Your furry Valentine might find that the following dog movies are not as exciting as DOGTV’s designed-for-dogs programs, but they'll still appreciate some of the scenes and the chance to Netflix and chill by your side during a cozy winter night. 

(If you're wondering, "Do dogs really like to watch TV? How do they see the screen?" Head over to DOGTV for the answers to the most frequently barked questions—or snag a free trial!)

Must Love Dogs 

After her divorce, preschool teacher Sarah Nolan dives back into the world of online dating—with her profile emphasizing love for dogs as a non-negotiable. 

  • Dog movie star: Mother Theresa (Newfoundland)
  • Why it’s a good Valentine’s Day pick: It’s a feel-good film with its share of laugh-out-loud moments, “aw, how romantic” scenes, and cute dogs, of course. 

The Secret Life of Pets

Curious to know what dogs do when their humans are not at home? Follow the adventures of the merry band of furry friends in this animated movie and find out. 

  • Dog movie stars: Max (Terrier), Duke (Mutt), Gidget (Pomeranian), Mel (Pug), Pops (Basset Hound), Buddy (Dachshund), Peanut (Chihuahua)
  • Why it’s a good Valentine’s Day pick: It’s chock-full of weird and wacky New York-based pets. Plus, there’s a sweet love story between a pomeranian and a terrier.


A puppy escapes from dognappers and finds its way into the Newton family's home. But as the puppy grows older (and bigger!), his clumsiness causes much slobbery trouble.

  • Dog movie star: Beethoven (St. Bernard) 
  • Why it's a good Valentine's Day pick: It’s a wholesome movie about family love—big, slobbery dogs included—that’s fun and engaging.

Legally Blonde 

Elle Woods, a Gemini vegetarian, goes to Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend—with her stylish dog (also a Gemini vegetarian) right by her fabulous side.

  • Dog movie star: Bruiser (Chihuahua)
  • Why it’s a good Valentine’s Day pick: It's a lighthearted story about self-love sprinkled with tons of fashion inspo for your pup. 

Marley & Me 

From hilarious antics to touching moments, the movie chronicles the ups and downs of the Grogan family’s life with the adorable but mischievous Marley.

  • Dog movie star: Marley (Labrador Retriever)
  • Why it’s a good Valentine’s Day pick: It's a heartfelt reminder that sometimes the best love comes with a wet nose and a wagging tail. 

A Dog's Purpose 

Narrated from a dog’s point of view, the movie takes you through five reincarnations of a dog who ponders, “What is the meaning of life? Are we here for a reason? Is there a point to any of this?" 

  • Dog movie star: Bailey (Various Breeds)
  • Why it’s a good Valentine’s Day pick: It’ll have you laughing, crying, and just enjoying every moment of this story about unconditional love.

Heading-1Photo of Zeuss from DOGTV viewer Sally C.

You’ve Got Mail 

Ah, the glory days of AOL. It even played cupid between “Shopgirl” and “NY152” (who has a dog for a wingman). Alas, it turns out they’re business rivals. 

  • Dog movie star: Brinkley (Golden Retriever)
  • Why it’s a good Valentine’s Day pick:  You can never go wrong with a Meg Ryan rom-com. It’s a charming movie that’ll make you think of all things good—like books and coffee.

The Fox and the Hound 

A baby fox and a hound puppy became BFFs without knowing they were supposed to be enemies. Once they reach adulthood, they realize the good ol' days are gone, and they will no longer be friends.

  • Dog movie star: Copper (Hound)
  • Why it’s a good Valentine’s Day pick: It’s a great Disney classic (for kids and adults) about the adorable friendship between two super cute animals. 

Homeward Bound 

"Uh-oh, we've been ditched!" At least, that's what a pair of dogs and one cat thought when their humans went on vacation. So off they go on an incredible journey to reunite with them.

  • Dog movie stars: Shadow (Golden Retriever) and Chance (American Bulldog)
  • Why it's a good Valentine's Day pick: It's a heartwarming story about love and loyalty that will make you look at your pets in a whole new way. 


A stray dog strikes up a friendship with two school kids. When they are kidnapped and held for ransom, the scruffy street dog sets out to save the day.

  • Dog movie star: Benji (Mixed Breed)
  • Why it's a good Valentine's Day pick: It's a sweet movie about a super dog that will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Now, you have a list of ten classic dog movies for an entertainment-filled and stress-free Valentine’s Day. So forget the chocolates, flowers, and fancy dinners.

Plan a dog movie date night instead—even if your furry date might have a penchant for stealing your popcorn. Remember, it’s also a cozy way to strengthen your bond with your sweetheart sniffer.