If you are reading this, the possibility is that you are already crazy about your dog and those around you. Needless to say you are a person who loves and respects this beautiful creature.

However, it will be fun for you to read these points and see the line between your and these scenarios getting blurry.

Signs You’re A Crazy Dog Person

You dislike any dog who (seems to) dislike your dog

The golden rule is: You love your dog, and so you want every living being to love your dog.” How can they even resist all that sweetness, right? You are ready to get in a war with anybody — a human or even another dog who refuses to appreciate this beautiful creature. Here you forget that just like your dog, every other dog is an individual with his own likes and preferences. 

You forget your dog’s antics, which you feel are adorable, might not be so adorable for other dogs. You unwittingly overlook the fact that your dog must have been naughty and done something wrong with another dog(s). 

One puppy-face look from your dog sends you on a guilt-trip

Now, this is about you (not) being a perfect mom/dad to your dog. When your dog makes that distressed face, which touches upon your guilt, it compels you to ask the following  questions:

  1. Did I fill her bowl with food in the morning? 
  2. Did she not like the taste? 
  3. Did she have water? Is it not fresh enough? 
  4. Did she go potty? 
  5. Did someone yell at her? 
  6. And the list goes on and on.

You are very prudent concerning her comfort and happiness. And as any busy human knows, sometimes you just cannot make it to that walk around the park. Some weekends, you just want to stay in bed all day and not go out hiking or on long drives with your dog. And sometimes, you just do not have time to go on a run before work!

But you fall for that one look from your dog as it lashes out all the pressure. Treating her to a cookie is the only way to go when this happens!

And here comes the chart TOPPER and most embarrassing!

The thought crosses your mind (cue the drumroll) – “If I could have birthed her, I would have…”

Your dog adores you. She is beautiful, she is smart and she makes you really proud. You feel ecstatic when someone calls you her mom. And you secretly want people to acknowledge you that way, too. Who wouldn’t be honored to be her biological mom, right? 

You talk to the dog instead of the people.

You are not necessarily an introvert or someone who’s shy about conversing with people. You enjoy good conversations at parties. But dogs trump people — anytime, any day. 

If you find a dog at the party, you are solely focused on impressing her with your jokes and antics. You don’t know when you find yourself on the floor, ruining your dress and not caring about the weird looks you get, saying things like, “What’s your name, sweetie?” and “Wow, look at that fur! You are such a princess!!” 

Getting compliments from other people rarely fills your heart with joy but getting that signature tail-wag from the dog keeps you cheerful all day long!

You wonder if your dog is upset – and almost 24*7

You always wonder how your dog is feeling. Any sign from your dog that does not show complete and unconditional adoration, you label it as a negative review of you as a human being. And you start obsessing, overanalyzing it. 

You start thinking: 

Why is she not looking at me? 

What is she really mad about? 

Did she hear me yelling over the call? 

But she needs to know that I was not yelling at her! 

And ends up with you grabbing all the best treats you can find, sporting your sweetest voice possible, and taking her on surprise walks. You give it your all to turn that cool indifference into your warm bundle of joy, and soon you get to bask in the glow of her goodwill and happiness.

To all dog-parents, now’s the time to start the self-analysis. We are sure you are going to get 5/5 from the list we’ve put together. It’s time to come clean — Are you a crazy dog person, too?

Guest post by: Anoop Nain is the proud father of four rescued dogs and two Flemish giant rabbits. Right now all his puppers have grown up, but each day with them is a new learning experience for him. Anoop has a degree in Animal Behavior and Welfare.