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Years of research and collaboration with some of the world’s top pet experts brought us to the creation of this special content designed to meet specific aspects of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing. The content on DOGTV has been proven to support a dog's natural behavior pattern. The result is  a confident, happy dog, who’s less likely to develop behavior issues because of stress, separation anxiety or other related issues.‍‍‍

DOGTV and The Humane Society of the United States are proud to be working together to keep dogs happy and to improve their well-being and quality of life.

DOGTV IS a veterinarian-re‍‍‍commended TV channel to treat loneliness, anxiety and depression in dogs.  

DOGTV is an audio-visual therapy tool for dogs who suffer from loneliness, boredom, separation anxiety or depression, W‍‍‍hen your dog is home alone or experiencing stressful situations, DOGTV offers scientifically-developed content for dogs.  DOGTV provides programming for your dog that’s organized into relaxing, stimulating and desensitizing segments that work together to provide just the right balance for the daily routine of your pups.

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Love DOGTV. Been an online subscriber for a while and have seen a marked improvement in separation anxiety and anxious behavior. The dogs don't even react to sir‍‍‍ens anymore!"‍‍‍

Angela Far‍‍‍mer, New York

Does your dog suffer separation anxiety? Does she get lonely when you leave the house? Does he seem depressed? If you answered YES to any of these questions then DOGTV could be just what the veterinarian ordered!


Audio-Visual Therapy for Dogs

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