Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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Sheet music and logo for The Puppy Channel

2 min read

A Tribute to The Puppy Channel

As the founder of DOGTV, a channel dedicated to the joy and well-being of our canine companions, I am constantly inspired by the stories of fellow pioneers in the world of pet entertainment. Today, on National Puppy Day, I want to pay homage to a remarkable dream that paved the way for channels...

A palm of a person's hand cupping a dog's paw

3 min read

Winter Paw Care 101 for Dogs

While not all parts of the country grapple with cold and ice in the winter, knowing how to care...

Golden retriever getting its teeth brushed

3 min read

How to Properly Brush your Dog's Teeth

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and there’s one serious statistic about your dog's...

Young women holding onto a TV remote, and a bowl of popcorn with her arm around a brown and black dog

3 min read

10 Heartwarming Dog Movies for a Cozy Valentine's Night In

It's rom-com season—and it’s not only for two-legged romantics! Yup, it's prime time to snuggle...

2 min read

Tailgate Time: Dog-Friendly Football Snacks for Game Day

I'm ready to join in on the fun on game day! I've got my own dog jersey, some pompoms, a special...

3 min read

Indoor Workouts To Do With Your Dog

When the temperature drops, the struggle NOT to curl up on the couch with your dog and hibernate...

Australian Cattle Dog looking at the camera wearing a black plastic new years celebration hat and a silver plastic necklace

1 min read

5 New Years Resolutions from the Dog

Woof! Logo the DOGTV doggo here, and I'm excited to celebrate the New Year with my hoomans. I...

3 min read

Pawsitively Adorable: Family Costumes that Incorporate Your Beloved Canine

There's no wrong time to dress up with your pet! Of course, there's the obvious date, October...

Doggie doing Yoga at home - otherwise known as Doga

3 min read

7 Unexpected Ways To Boost Your Dog's Day-To-Day Wellness

When it comes to dog wellness, two things are essential: kibbles and walks. But why stick to the...

yellow lab with its owner's hand on its head. A veterinarian is seen in the background wearing a stethescope and scrubs

2 min read

Canine Cancer Signs

It's never easy to think about our beloved pets facing health challenges, but awareness and...