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DOGTV organizes its content into three categories. The Relaxation segment is designed to calm the dog.  Dogs typically spend 14 hours of the day sleeping or napping. However, when dogs are left alone, they become anxious, which often leads to becoming hyperactive and destructive. The segment uses calming videos and soothing sounds to relax the dog and make them feel at ease. The Stimulation segment uses more engaging videos and sounds from dogs and other animals. These videos are designed to be playful and keep the dog from getting bored, providing mental and physical stimulation for the dog . The Exposure segment uses a variety of videos on subjects that typically make dogs nervous such as vacuum cleaners, car rides or busy streets. Introduced gradually and in limited exposure time, the videos and sounds help the dogs acclimate to those events so they do not continue to become anxiety-inducing situations. DOGTV has developed thousands of scientifically designed programs, each is approximately. 5 minutes long. Programs are scheduled based on DOGTV’s assessment of dogs’ day cycles, viewing habits and desire to keep dogs happy.

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