At DOGTV we know that different dogs have different needs. Because of that we have organized our content into three categories so you, the pet parent, can choose what best suits your unique dog.


The Relaxation portion of DOGTV is designed to calm your dog. Dogs typically spend fourteen hours a day sleeping or napping. When they are left alone, though, they can become anxious. Anxiety in your dog can lead to him exhibiting hyperactive and/or destructive behaviors. With the Relaxation portion of DOGTV, your dog will be exposed to calming videos and soothing sounds that will help relax him and make him feel more at ease when you’re away.

The Stimulation segment offers more engaging videos and sounds from dogs and other animals. The Stimulation videos are designed to be playful and keep your dog from getting bored. When your dog watches the Stimulation programming she is receiving mental and physical stimulation.

The Exposure segment of DOGTV utilizes a variety of videos on subjects that typically make dogs nervous. Those subjects include: Vacuum cleaners, car rides, busy street noise, and more. With Exposure programming your dog will be gradually introduced to sounds which frighten her. The videos provide limited exposure to the sounds and this will help your dog become accustomed to those noises and events that make them anxious. If your dog becomes acclimated and accustomed to these noises in a limited fashion, the noises lose their power to produce anxiety in your dog.


The professionals at  DOGTV have developed thousands of scientifically-designed programs, each is approximately, five-minutes long. DOGTV programs are scheduled based on DOGTV’s assessment of a dogs’ day cycles, viewing habits and desire to keep your dogs happy.

Our Programs