Helpful Tips and Advice for Dog Owners

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2 min read

Choosing Your Dog’s Flea and Tick Prevention

Dogs need flea and tick preventative year round, but warmer weather puts them at higher risk of becoming a flea market or a tick’s favorite campground. With spring and warmer temperatures on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your dog’s treatment options. 

3 min read

10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Your Dog’s Dental Health

Since February is Pet Dental Health Month, you’ve probably seen a lot of information about how...

2 min read

How to Tell if My Dog is Feeling Anxious

Just like humans, dogs can get anxious, too. But anxiety in dogs can sometimes be tough to sniff...

2 min read

How Can I Relax My Dog? Here are 6 Ways!

Think your pup could use a relaxation routine? Totally normal, and you’re not alone. That’s why...

2 min read

Ask the Experts: How to Care for Your Dog’s Dental Health

Have you ever wondered how to keep your pup’s teeth clean, healthy, and free of plaque build-up?...

3 min read

The Ultimate Doggy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Raise your paw if you’re celebrating “My Dog Is My Valentine” Day! That’s right! Who better to...

3 min read

Tips For Preventing and Cleaning New Puppy Messes

Let’s face it, puppies are adorable. Any new puppy parent will tell you that cuddling with a...

5 min read

How to Throw a Puppy Bowl Party: DOGTV’s Guide to Tail-gating

Is football season wrapping up already? That means we’re heading into the best time of year: the...

3 min read

The Perfect Puppy Starter Package

Welcome to the world of puppy love, pet parents! Get ready to have your heartstrings pulled,...

3 min read

Is Your Dog Bored?

If your dog has ever seemed down in the dumps or, on the flip side, a bit more destructive and...