Did you know that January 24 is Change A Pet’s Life Day? Even if you weren’t aware of the date if you share your life with pets you know how they change your life every day. It doesn’t matter whether your pet is furry, finned, scaled, feathered or anywhere in between, they bring joy, unconditional love and laughter to our lives.

There are individuals who want to share their lives with a pet but for some reason may not be able to: their living situation won’t allow for it, their work or travel situation makes it difficult or they have allergies or a myriad of other reasons. You don’t need to share house and home with a pet in order to change his or her life, though and we have some ideas!

Pet Parent Resolutions: How To Change A Pet’s Life

If you’re a pet parent, here are some resolutions you can make today, every day and to celebrate Change A Pet’s Life Day on January 24.

  1. Take an extra-long walk.
  2. Take a walk to a place you’ve never been with your pet before.
  3. Get your pet a companion (only do this if you have the time, resources and have thoroughly planned for it!)
  4. Subscribe to DOGTV and never leave your dog home alone again. When you turn on DOGTV and use its entertainment technology you are helping enrich your dog’s environment. The DOGTV programming will help calm and soothe your dog, alleviate separation anxiety and relax him when he’s home alone. Try DOGTV’s entertainment technology for a free trial by clicking here.
  5. Make sure your pet is healthy by taking her to the veterinarian for her vaccinations and for a regular (at least annual) check-up.
  6. Groom your pet. Many dogs love to be brushed and it’s a great time for the two of you to bond. Snuggle into the couch and brush his hair while you relax.
  7. Feed your dog a high quality, healthy food. If you’re not sure what to feed your dog, ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.
  8. Playtime matters. Even if your dog is a senior and/or a couch potato we’ll bet she will still love a game of tug of war or fetch or any other game she enjoyed in her youth. Spending even five minutes a day engaged in playtime strengthens the bond with your pet.
  9. Check the identification tag on your pet’s collar to ensure it’s up to date with your address and phone number. If your pet is microchipped, go online and ensure all that information, and the photo of your pet is current.
  10. You know your pet best. Think about what your pet loves and give them more of that! Attention, healthy foods, sleeping on your bed, a car ride, a warm bed or a new jacket… Let us know and join our DOGTV Pack on Facebook.

Change the life of a shelter pet.

DOGTV is involved in rescue efforts and if you haven’t seen The Adoption show we urge you to check it out!

Here are ways you can change the life of a shelter pet.

  1. Volunteer at a shelter. Shelters are notoriously understaffed and will typically welcome an extra set of hands to walk a dog, cuddle a kitten, scoop litter boxes or clean a dog kennel. Call your local shelter and ask what it needs.
  2. Donate to a local shelter or rescue. Look for a local shelter and see what is on its wish list. Buy items and drop them off. Cash donations are always welcomed.
  3. Sponsor a pet. Even if you can’t adopt a pet of your own you could sponsor a pet in a shelter. Your sponsorship may help pay veterinarian fees, or the adoption fee for a family who wants that pet. Your sponsorship could mean you buy toys or a blanket or other items for the pet. Maybe you’d buy a collar or new toys or other items that would go with the pet when he or she finds a forever home.
  4. Share photos of pets awaiting their homes. Ask the shelter operator if you could get some photos of the adoptable pets and share them on your social media pages.
  5. Foster a pet. Even if you don’t have the time to adopt a pet, perhaps you have a few days a week or month that you could devote to fostering a dog or cat and giving them a break from the shelter for a few days.
  6. Tell a story. If you adopted your pet from a shelter or rescue, tell his or her story. Write a blog post. If you and your pet travel or do fun activities together make sure you snap a lot of pictures and let your friends and family on social media see how adorable your new pet is! Share the story on social media. Telling the story of your pet and how he or she has changed your life since the adoption may just spur other people to take a chance on a shelter pet, too.

Here’s to all of the pet lovers and pet parents who give so much to their pets but who know that what their pets give them is priceless.