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The Dogs of DOGTV Holiday Gift Guide: Part Two

The Dogs of DOGTV Holiday Gift Guide: Part Two

Once you start shopping for the dog in your life, it’s tough to stop. They deserve all the gifts money can buy, don’t they?! If you have already scoped out Part One of our Holiday Gift Guide, and you still need ideas for your pup’s stocking, we’re back with more holiday gifts that will have their tails wagging right into the New Year.

Check out what some of our fluffy-faced friends at DOGTV had to suggest, and rest assured that your last-minute shopping is COMPLETE! 

Payton’s Pick

Payton is the resident “Smarty Pants”, and is always on the prowl for an extensive workout for his ever-operating brain. 

While it’s not always true that a bored dog will get into some mischief, it might be true for Payton and his fellow clever-minded friends. Payton loves a challenge, especially when there’s food involved, which is why he added the SNiFFiz Interactive Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy to his holiday wishlist this year! Just add in some treats that your dog can’t resist, and the wobbly toy will get your dog working to find an effective way to dispense those goodies!. Between the game of chase and figuring out the most effective tricks, playing with this toy is as tiresome as a nice long walk! 

*Bonus gift for Payton*

Do you find that your Smarty Pants maybe thinks too much sometimes, leading to some anxious thoughts creeping in? Not to worry! Payton is also getting some Purity Prefered Calming CBD drops in his stocking to keep his mind focused on puzzle toys, holidays with with family, and all things jolly and relaxed.  (Shhh, this one was not on his list, so we don’t want to spoil the surprise!)

Ollie’s Pick

Ollie is our baby of the pack– “The Puppy!” Every day is an opportunity to learn something new for the puppy… but when do they learn to stop chewing your shoes?

Ollie still has a lot of knowledge to acquire as he grows, but one thing he is sure of is his undying love for TOYS. Meanwhile, his parents have learned that more toys equal LESS chance of him destroying items that don’t belong to him. Ollie has a long list of toys he wouldn’t mind seeing end up in his toy basket this year, but the Outward Hound Invincibles Snake toy was at the top of that list! The Invincibles line provides a durable option that will grow with the puppy in your life and their need to chew and play, plus, the snake specifically makes for the PERFECT tug-o-war accessory. Plush toys, especially durable ones that will last for a long time, are always a hit for the playful dog in your life! 

Radish’s Pick

What do you get for the dog who is always content? Well, the thing is, they would probably be happy with just about anything. That’s why we asked Radish, our “Happy-Go-Lucky” pup exactly what would make this her best holiday ever. 

First Radish said she just wanted every dog in the world to have a tail as happy as hers, but when pressed, she truly wished for a DOGTV enrichment box! This gift has a little bit of everything for everyone, and it makes perfect sense that Radish would love just about everything it contains. It’s a box curated for joy for all dogs, and you even have the option of including a DOGTV subscription to accompany it. Comforting items AND science-led programming for your dog to enjoy throughout the new year? That’s about as perfect as Radish’s every day attitude. 

Lucky for you, we’ve got a sweet discount to share with our blog reader. When you use code HURRY12 on a DOGTV Enrichment Box with a 1 year DOGTV gift card, you’ll get 30% off the retail price. But don’t sleep on this – quantities of these boxes are limited, and if you want to receive yours in time to slip it under the Christmas tree, you should order now.

Top Dog Stocking Stuffer! 

We’d like to introduce you to your dog’s new favorite delicious treat, so give a warm hello to Jinx treats! With tons of great flavors and formulas that cater to your dog’s health, Jinx treats are bound to be a new staple in your pantry, and they will definitely make it to your dog’s wishlist every year from now on. A stocking full of these will promise a happy howl-iday. 

Speaking of treats, treat YOURSELF… 

We know you love spoiling your well-deserving dog, but we wanted to remind you that you are an A+ dog parent, so make sure you grab yourself something special too! Rescue Dog Wines has lots of options for exceptional delicious wines to enjoy throughout your holiday festivities (hello hostess gift, too!). Shop for your favorite to indulge in, and pick up a bottle for a friend while you’re at it. Have we finished all of your holiday shopping yet? We sure hope so! 

Use code DOGTVRDW for 20% off, and get the warm fuzzy feeling while you sip knowing that 50% of Rescue Dog Wine proceeds go directly toward benefitting rescue dogs. Does it get any better than that? 

The perfect gift does exist for your very best friend, but which one was the biggest hit? Tell us how much your pooch loved these gift ideas in our DOGTV Pack Facebook group, and let’s start brainstorming for next year! 

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