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10 Dog-Friendly Fun-Filled Fall Activities

10 Dog-Friendly Fun-Filled Fall Activities

Fall is in full swing — and so is the fall fun you can have with your pets. It’s the perfect season to soak up some chilly outdoor time and extra snuggle sessions indoors with your pup. 

Whether you’re the outdoorsy or not-so-outdoorsy type, there are many ways to get festive throughout the fall season. 

Here are 10 activities to do with your dog for maximum fall fun. 

Easy Dog-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Plan a day out at the farm.

Choose your own fall adventure with your dog by visiting a pumpkin patch, fruit picking at an apple orchard, escaping a corn maze, or taking a hay ride. 

Plan ahead before embarking on some fall fun at a farm. Call to confirm that you’re headed to a pet-friendly place where your dog is allowed to explore with you. 

Don't forget to bring treats to reward good behavior and poop bags to clean up after your pup!

Go on a hiking adventure.

Did you know that communing with nature boosts endorphin levels? Yup! It’s also great exercise for you and a fun sniffari for your dog. Win-win! 

Find a park that’s perfect for day hiking. And don’t forget the snacks for you and your dog.

Even though it's fall and the days are cooler, there's still a chance to pick up fleas and ticks. Be sure to check your pup after your time outside and have a tick remover tool available. Consider including some
natural flea and tick repellents before you head out. 

Get into the Halloween spirit.

Create a DIY Halloween costume for your dog and go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. 

Be on the lookout for dog Halloween events in your city or host your own Howl-o-ween party.

Join dog costume contests. You can let your dog be the sole Halloween star, or you can both wear a costume and be the best dynamic duo in town. Think Batman and Robin or Romy and Michele! 

It’s easy to have a scary good time with a cute canine in tow.

Gear up for game days

Fall season is also football season, so make a fun, sporty day out of it! Attend a tailgating party where dogs are welcome. Show up dressed in matching jerseys. Be sure to bring toys to keep your dog entertained and treats to keep them away from the grilled goodies. 

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Take the scenic route.

As we head into November, the leaves will keep changing, and you’ll want to take advantage of the beautiful fall landscape. It’s best to do this fall activity with your dog during peak season, so check online to know the best time for your leaf-peeping trip. Even if dogs won’t be able to appreciate the fall foliage fully, the crisp autumn air will surely delight their senses. 

Indoor Activities for Dogs during Fall

Spice up snack time with pumpkin treats.

Pumpkin spice is not only best savored in the form of a cup of latte. Get your dog to partake in the pumpkin spice trend by baking some pumpkin spice dog muffins. The best part? Nutrient-rich pumpkin is good for your dog’s digestion. It’s recommended that you use plain canned pumpkin with no added spice or sugar. 

Enjoy sweater weather snuggles.

Bust out all the blankets! Whether you prefer classic rom-com or true crime binge, your dog will surely love the extra belly rubs during a movie snugglefest. You can also cozy up with your dog while catching up on your reading or even when doing nothing and just simply enjoying each other’s company. 

Dress up in Fall fashion.

It’s time to get creative with your sewing machine. Create fall-themed accessories for your dog, such as bandanas, scarves, or collars. Plaid is always in style!  Match your dog’s accessory with your shirt and be the perfect plaid pair. 

Book a relaxing getaway

When it’s best to stay indoors as the temperature drops really low, treat yourself to a staycation at a dog-friendly hotel or rent a cabin for the weekend. You can usually get the best rates after the summer season, so you’d want to take advantage of deals on short stays. 

Do yoga with your dog.

Bored working out at home? Mix up your usual exercise routine and get your dog to take part. Staying in shape throughout the fall season can be more fun when done with your dog. Browse YouTube for video classes on dog yoga (a.k.a. doga).