Valentine’s Day is a fun way to show off the real love of your life – your dog! Let’s face it, we all have a tendency to spoil our beloved dogs, but we don’t want to spoil them rotten. Always allowing dogs to always have their way results in the same things we see when kids have their way:

  1. Behavior issues
  2. Lack of control
  3. Dangerous behavior
  4. Even obesity when we let them eat all the treats they want instead of what’s healthy for them 

This Valentine’s Day, we hope you’ll celebrate your love for your dog, rather than spoil them too much. Here are ten ways we keep our dogs healthy and show our love, without turning them into “spoiled brats.” 

1. Feed a high-quality diet

This is our number one tip for pets! Nutrition is everything. Choose food that provides healthy nutrition without heavy grains. Grains have been shown to create inflammation and worsen other medical conditions. 

2. Treats

When selecting treats, try some healthy options like carrot sticks, dehydrated salmon, sweet potato chips or bully sticks. Barkworthies’ Bully Sticks offer all natural, minimally processed options range in origin, size, shape, aroma, and functionality, but never quality. They’re a must-have treat for small and large dogs, aggressive chewers, and pets that prefer to stay busy.

3. Walk daily

Daily walks can help get you and your dog off to a great start each day! Let your dog sniff around and don’t forget to choose your leashes correctly. Here is a helpful guide on walking your dog

4. Valentine’s Day Home Spa 

Grooming is an important part of pet care. We love celebrating Valentine’s Day with a home-based spa day. This helps eliminate itchy paws, keeps your pet’s fur and skin healthy and shows your dog how much you love them.  

5. Smart Toys

We all love to buy special toys for our pets during the holidays and this durable, floating rose is a great option. Looking for a special Valentine’s Day toy treat? If your dog loves plush toys as much as our dogs do, you’ll appreciate these durable plush toys from BarkBox. 

6. Keep them Warm

If you’re looking for a fun shirt for your modest dog who tends to run cool, this sweater ticks all the boxes for Valentine’s Day Doggie surprise!  But, if you have a small dog (or a large dog with short coats), you’ll want to invest in a high-quality jacket for the winter. 

7. Massage

Touch is one of the more important aspects of dog care. Make sure you pet your dog regularly and consider working in some massage to keep them relaxed and encourage blood flow. Massage is especially beneficial to senior pets. To learn how to do this at home, check out these great tips from a pet masseuse! 

8. Paw protection

Paw protection is important in pets – especially if you walk in areas that are treated by salts and chemicals, or live in a very cold or very hot area of the country. Each of these things will impact how you care for your dogs’ paws. To keep their paws warm and well protected from such chemicals, consider picking up some dog boots. If your dog refuses to wear these, paw wax can also help! 

9. Install A Camera

If you are an essential worker who has returned to the office, you’ll want to check on your dogs during the day (especially on Valentine’s day!). The Furbo camera can help you do that! Look for a camera that comes with a treat dispenser, full HD and wi-fi, two-way audio and more. 

10. Order DogTV

DOGTV is scientifically-developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research by some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created to meet specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and support their natural behavior patterns.

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