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5 New Years Resolutions from the Dog

5 New Years Resolutions from the Dog

Woof! Logo the DOGTV doggo here, and I'm excited to celebrate the New Year with my hoomans. I can't wait to make the next year the waggiest, yet so I've written down some resolutions. What? You know I can't write? True...I used a translator and some AI (Arf Intelligence) to pull together my list. 

Here are my top plans for the coming year:

More Playtime:

Baroooo! My number one New Year's resolution is to have more playtime with my favorite humans. Fetch, tug-of-war, and chasing squirrels in the backyard – I want it all! The thing I care about most of is to spend time with my people while we play. 

Healthier Eating:

Bark! I resolve to eat healthier this year! No more sneaking table scraps or begging for treats all the time. I want to maintain a lean and fit physique to chase my tail with even more energy. I'm gonna need my humans to help me with this resolution. Can you swap out treats with some healthy fruits and veggies? Good, human...you're a very good human.

Master New Tricks:

Ruff! I'm determined to learn some new tricks this year. Maybe I can finally master "roll over" or "play dead." The more tricks I learn, the more treats I get, right?

More Walks and Adventures:

Woof woof! Exploring the world with my humans is the best, and I want to do more of it this year. Longer walks, trips to the dog park, and maybe even a hiking adventure – count me in!

Be a Very Good Doggo:

Arf! I want to be the very best dog I can be. That means being well-behaved, not barking at the mail carrier and not digging up the garden. I'll try my hardest to make my humans proud.