Tech is a part of our lives. We can’t escape it — and in many cases, we don’t want to! When it comes to enriching the environment in which our dogs live and thrive, we also know that entertainment technology such as the programming that DOGTV provides is tech that pet parents have embraced and continue to embrace.

DOGTV Entertainment Technology

DOGTV GM Beke Lubeach with her dogs Walter & Payton

Beke Lubeach, General Manager at DOGTV explained that DOGTV and its unique, scientifically-developed programming is not new. What appears to be new is that pet parents are looking for entertainment technologies for their dogs and DOGTV is moving into the forefront of their thoughts. 
“We know that pet parents are looking for technology that will enrich the lives of their dogs and DOGTV fits the bill,” Beke said. “DOGTV as entertainment technology makes sense as the programming is available across a variety of technology solutions and platforms. You can take DOGTV with you when you travel, in the car, on a computer or stream it in your living room or bedroom on your television.” 

Beke said pet parents are searching “entertainment technology” when looking for ways to help their dogs with separation anxiety and other issues dogs suffer when left home alone. “Your dog doesn’t even have to be stressed out, DOGTV is a welcome, calming companion for your dog while you’re away. It offers peace of mind to the pet parent regardless of how their dog reacts when they are home alone.” 
Pet parents are always looking for the newest and best in pet technology, she said adding that DOGTV is definitely a pet technology pet parents embrace because of the ways in which it entertains and enriches their dog’s lives. 

“DOGTV is the only technology created specifically for dogs to help relax and entertain them when they are home alone or in anxious situations,” Beke said. “The sights and sounds DOGTV provides enriches your dog’s environment and allows them to experience happy stimulation and relaxation.” 

A more educated pet parent

Because pet parents are researching health and wellness and how to enrich the lives of their furbabies, DOGTV and its entertainment technology is something they know will enhance their dog’s health and wellness. “No pet parent wants to think of his or her dog pacing or whining or digging and being generally anxious when home alone,” Beke said. “When a pet parent can find an entertainment technology that will alleviate this anxiety their dog’s overall health and wellness benefits.” 

Beke said, “You might see changes in your dog’s behavior once he’s left home with DOGTV on, rather than being home alone in a silent house. We have never spoken with a single pet parent who wouldn’t do what they could to assure their dog is happier when home alone.”

For the pet parent who is seeking entertainment and enrichment for his dog but doesn’t want to leave the television on all day, DOGTV has developed DOGTV music on Spotify. 

 DOGTV and its cost

“A subscription to DOGTV is less than the price of your average bag of treats,” Beke said. A pet parent can subscribe for $9.99 per month and they’re getting entertainment technology that will enrich their dogs’ lives by providing hours of engagement and enjoyment. 

“We’re so certain our programming will be enjoyed by both the pet parent and his or her dog that we give the programming away for a free 14-day trial,” Beke said. “We want the pet parent to have a no obligation way to see if DOGTV is something they believe their dog will benefit from.” 

Beke cautioned that DOGTV is not an automatic solution to a dog’s separation anxiety or acting out because of boredom, but when the programming is turned on the pet parent is “providing an enriched environment for their dog and helping him relax while you’re away. No pet parent wants to think of his dog being anxious.” 

Do I need to do anything special to get my dog to watch? 

Beke said you don’t have to do anything special, but many pet parents find if they sit down with their dogs while DOGTV is playing, the dogs will pay attention to what’s on the screen. “Every dog reacts differently to the programming. Some dogs will sit raptly staring at the programming, others will lie in their beds or on the couch and the background sounds will help calm him,” Beke said. “Some dogs engage immediately, others may not seem interested but their environment is still being enriched.” 

Beke said there are some dogs who simply don’t care about the programming and are not soothed by it. “Our dogs are as unique as we are,” she said. 

Why not just turn on “regular” television? 

“When you turn on regular television when you’re away you have no control over those commercials that seem to be so much louder than the regular programming and that could scare your dog,” she said. “The content on DOGTV is composed with a dog’s unique eyesight and hearing in mind. We know that dogs have unique, discerning tastes and our programming is developed based on that scientific knowledge.” 

Also, even if you turn on a regular television station or programming do you know what will be playing all day? Unless you know you have chosen a channel that only plays a specific program all day, your dog may be exposed to sights and sounds that are frightening when they come on. 

What if my dog is in a crate all day, will he still benefit?

“Absolutely!” Beke said. “Dogs in crates benefit by being in a more enriched environment. He can watch and/or listen while you’re away.” 

What’s new in 2020? 

DOGTV is creating more content for dogs and their humans. “We know that humans enjoy DOGTV and its entertainment technology. The programming and sights and sounds are as relaxing and soothing for humans as it is for their dogs. We have had people tell us they have DOGTV on as background sound when they work from home,” Beke said. 

DOGTV around the world 

“Our latest round of content was shot in more than twelve countries around the world,” Beke said. “The scenery is beautiful and we love offering imagery from around the world — it’s like a mini vacation for the pet parents themselves!” 

Why should pet parents try DOGTV in 2020? 

“Doesn’t your dog deserve to be as happy as you can make him?” Beke asked. “Also, and this is the biggest reason… because you love your dog!”  

Beke’s personal DOGTV experience 

She has two rescue dogs — Payton and Walter. “Walter joined us three months ago and he and Payton are very active dogs,” she said. “Payton has grown up with DOGTV on the television. It took Walter a little while to engage with the content.” 
Beke also said, “I always need to know there is something to keep my boys entertained when I am gone. Because I am enriching their environment with  DOGTV and I always have it on I know that it is a constant and familiar presence. It’s like I am there with them, even when I’m not.” 

DOGTV has five patents on its “science-based, canine-specific programming.” 

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