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Keep Your Dog Busy When the Kids Go Back to School

Keep Your Dog Busy When the Kids Go Back to School

Your kids have been home all summer, and your dog has had a heck of a time with them, zooming through sprinklers around the yard during not-so-lazy summer days. 

But now, as the kiddos head back to school, your dog might find itself pondering,

"What now, hoomans?" 

We've got a plan to keep dogs busy! Here are some ideas to prep your pooch for the shift in schedule. So while the kids grow their brains at school, your pup continues to grow their fun-o-meter, even when their built-in fetch buddies are MIA.

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1. Let your dog flex those paws

Adjust your schedule and pencil in some paw-some exercise breaks for your dogs — especially in the morning before the school bell rings. 

  • Take a brisk walk to unleash those happy endorphins.
  • Set up an agility course in your backyard for your dog to navigate.
  • Treat them to a refreshing swimming session.
  • Keep your dog busy with automatic ball launchers.
  • Engage them with good ol' tug-of-war.
  • Play a fun game of fetch that will get their energy pumping.

Plus, a well-exercised and worn-out dog would be snoozing soundly, ensuring doggy boredom won't creep in while the kids are away at school.

2. Stimulate your dog with indoor enrichment

School's in session, and that includes your dog! When you're off to work or running errands, leave your dog with mentally stimulating entertainment to keep those brain cells firing. 

Keep dogs busy with simple DIY dog toys such as interactive puzzles, or you can also buy treat dispenser toys for mental enrichment. They challenge dogs to figure out how to release the goodies using their paws and nose. 

Add some fun with scavenger hunts for tasty treats around the house. Your dog will be too busy sniffing out goodies to even notice you (or the kids) are gone.

3. Enroll your dog in doggy daycare

When your kids are off to the land of textbooks, why not let your dog hit the social scene? Dogs totally crave social interaction, just like we do.

So, bring your fur baby where the cool dogs hang. They'll have a barking good time making new furry friends and playing all day long. It's like recess all day, every day! 

Choose a doggy daycare with a spacious outdoor area for your dog to frolic and mingle with other dogs. While you're at it, ask if they offer additional obedience training to teach your dog new tricks or brush up on those commands.

4. Hire a Dog Walker Extraordinaire

Nobody's home? Call in a personal canine concierge. They'll take your dog on mid-day walks, keep 'em company, and ensure they get their bathroom break. 

You can also request plenty of sniff time by going on a hike, leisurely strolling around the neighborhood, trying different routes for varied smells and sights, or taking a trip to a dog park. 

Getting the dog out of the house or one-on-one playtime will give them much-needed attention, helping them settle down for a little while until you and the kids return home.

5. Turn on DOGTV

When your busy home turns hush, you can cure the daytime silence with DOGTV. Our streaming service helps your dog embark on their own thrilling adventure right at home with a simple click of the remote. 

DOGTV has pup-approved shows, perfect for keeping your dog company when the kids go back to school. It features soothing sounds and visuals to reduce your dog’s anxiety while everybody’s gone most of the day. 

Having too much alone time doesn't have to be a bummer for your dog anymore! Just leave DOGTV on during those long hours apart from you and the kids, and your dog will feel at ease. They might even drift off to sleep within minutes of tuning in!

Remember, schedule changes affect everyone. So your dog might be bummed a bit when the kids head back. But make sure they don't get stuck in that gloomy mood. With these “keep your dog busy tips”, your doggo won't have to deal with back-to-school blues for long!