Today’s guest writer is Stacy Mantle, Founder of PetsWeekly. Stacy is writing about senior dogs and how DOGTV can keep them happy and calm. 

We all know what it’s like to grow old. Senior pets can be challenging. Their old bones can’t do as much as they used to when they were pups and while they may think they want to play as hard, they may just be unable to do so. No matter their capability, it’s important to keep your senior dog active, both mentally and physically.

If your dog once enjoyed a rousing game of tag or fetch, you may need to help them adapt to other low impact activities, like swimming or shorter walks. Physical changes can make movement hard for senior dogs.

You may discover your dog is eating slower or having a more difficult time reaching their dishes – this is when an elevated feeder may come in handy. Remember, your pets require fewer calories as they grow older, so adjust meal times accordingly.

Smart feeders and puzzles can also help your senior dog stay sharp, but DOGTV is one of the best tools you can have in your home. Not only does DogTV help reduce anxiety when your pet is separated from you, it also helps keep your dogs entertained throughout the day.  

Mental and physical playtime for senior dogs is as essential as it is for puppies. Not only does activity help them stay physically and mentally fit, it helps them stay more emotionally stable. Senior dogs can lash out at others when they feel frustrated and unfulfilled, but the right activities – like watching DOGTV – can help them live longer, more productive lives.

DOGTV is focused on audio-visual therapy created specifically to keep your dogs engaged, relaxed and content all day long. Created by top behaviorists and trainers in the field, DOGTV focuses on unique content that meet the needs of dogs while supporting their natural behavioral patterns. The result is a confident, happy, senior dog who is more likely to enjoy his golden years!