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The Dogs of DOGTV Holiday Gift Guide: Part One

The Dogs of DOGTV Holiday Gift Guide: Part One

You know DOGTV is all about switching on the joy this holiday season (you can do that quite literally with our programs), which is why we checked in with some of the faces of DOGTV to get their take on the pawfect holiday gift! 

No matter which personality your dog relates to most, they are bound to find one (or more) gifts that would make this the best holiday season to date. 

Here are the first few favorites we have for each dog on Santa’s Nice List this year (which means ALL of them): 

Maverick’s Pick

Maverick is our DOGTV face who represents “The Energized”. For Maverick, a full energy tank is always the norm. How do you keep up with the dog who is always on the go? With never ending adventures, of course. Maverick’s pick will speak directly to his fellow spirited and busy adventurers! 

Have you ever wondered just how much exercise your dog gets (or needs to actually tire them out)? It feels like you are jumping from one adventure to the next, but somehow their energy doesn’t seem to drain. What if you found the sweet spot for your majorly active companion and their collar could conveniently track when you’ve reached that activity goal?


The Fi Collar can do just that and MORE! Set your daily activity goals and measure your dog’s steps/runs/hikes/actions, track how much sleep they actually get once they settle down, and utilize GPS should your dog ever find themselves on a solo run (all that energy can get them into some trouble sometimes, right? We hope not, but here is your back-up plan). You can even make new energetic friends by locating more #fidogs near you! Group play date, anyone?

Give your dog the gift of crushing their activity goals and measuring your adventures together with the Fi Collar! As an added BONUS, use code “DOGTV50” for $50 off! 

Morgan’s Pick 

Morgan is our “Old and Wise” gal with years of valuable experience under her furry belt. By now, Morgan certainly knows what she likes, and she wanted to share one of her favorite products that will be a hit with her doggie pals of all ages. 

As your dog ages, bones, joints, and overall body function might not be what they used to be. In fact, pain may be more likely to occur in a senior pet, but that doesn’t mean they have to live with it. 

Morgan’s pick is multilayered; while it can be beneficial to dogs of any age, it’s especially helpful to the old souls who find themselves with a whole new set of bodily issues that came along with their years of wisdom. Are achy joints the price one pays for being so distinguished? Who truly knows, but pay that price no longer. 

Natural Doggie’s CBD Infused Bacon and Cheese Dog Treats are any senior dog on the planet’s bonanza! With 2 mg of CBD per treat, these all-natural, delicious goodies reduce pain and inflammation, making it easier than ever for your oldie to relax the days away. Even if your dog is not a senior, they can benefit from the anxiety-reducing calming effects (and the bacon and cheese flavor is just an added bonus that your dog will go bananas for). 

You can also browse the entire CBD-infused Natural Doggie line to pinpoint which product would be most beneficial to your own dog, or try them all! You’ll be certain to check “stocking stuffers” off of your to-do list after browsing. 

Rolo’s Pick 

Rolo is our dutiful “Couch Dweller”. He even rose from his usual belly-up position just to share this gift idea with us! If there is one thing that will get The Couch Dweller to abandon their post on the beloved human couch, it’s… 

The right bed. 

We aren’t talking just any bed. We’re talking a bed with all the fixings; cozy to the touch, the perfect amount of both softness and firmness, proper temperature control, and the ability to maintain cleanliness, just to name a few.  After all, The Couch Dweller has an oath of laziness to uphold, and that job cannot be taken lightly. That’s why, as the only alternative to your furniture, a BuddyRest bed made it to Rolo’s Holiday Wishlist this year!

BuddyRest beds offer various options, including tough beds for the potential chewers in your life, and orthopedic beds for those with creakier hips and knees. If your dog is going to be willing to hop off the couch in favor of a bed that was literally created for their species, it’s going to have to be a BuddyRest. They have some deep discounts right now for Cyber Week, so now is a great time to scope out a cozy new bed for your pup, and reclaim your spot on the sofa.

You surely cannot go wrong with any of these gift options for the dogs in your life, but we have even more on the horizon. We’ll be back next week with more dogs, and more gift ideas. In the meantime, want to brag about your pup (we know they are on the Nice List!) or give feedback on these products? Join us in the DOGTV Pack Facebook group to keep the conversation and gift ideas flowing. 

Author: Caitlyn Mellor

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