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Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Dog & National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day!  National Dog Day was started in 2004 by Colleen Paige, animal behaviorist and author. Paige envisioned this day as one where we would celebrate the special relationship we share with our dogs. 

Not sure how to celebrate? We’ve listed five of our personal favorites! 

Long Walks in New Places

There is no better way to show your love than a new experience. Take your desert dog to the forest or your forest dog to the beach. They will be astonished by the new smells! Do something completely different from your regular events. Head on over to your favorite dog-friendly park or beach and toss a ball around. Give your dog time to take in all the smells while walking – it’s the best way to let your dog explore. 

Need a longer leash? There are 15-foot (or 30-ft) snap leads that give your larger dogs plenty of room to roam while keeping them near enough to avoid danger. Your dogs will love the great outdoors! 

Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Dog

Professional Photo Shoot

We all love sharing photos of our dogs online, so why not take a day and get some professional photos of you and your dog together?  A good pet photographer will know how to coax the best expressions from you and your pets. 

When choosing a photographer, make sure you negotiate for digital rights as well as print rights to your photos, you’ll want to show off your dogs! Always read the studio and photographer reviews carefully and you’ll be sure to have natural, high-quality photos to treasure forever.

Professional Grooming 

The dog days of summer will soon be behind us and we’ll start into the winter holidays. Head on over and get a mani-pawdi, trim those dead ends off that long hair, and spend a day pampering you and your dog. 

We admit, we don’t know of any pet parent-dog spas around, but we do know there are some exotic spa services for dogs (like blueberry facials, dead sea salt scrubs, or mud baths). Talk to your groomer and prepare for that warm winter coat. 

Pillow Forts and Zoom Calls

If your dog has enjoyed watching you work from home, they’ll really love meeting your coworkers’ four-legged friends online. Take a few minutes to create the ultimate pillow-couch fort to cozy up in, then video chat with friends. Virtual Happy Hours are all the rage these days! This is a great way to stay socially distanced while meeting new people and showing off the one thing we can all agree on – our love of dogs.  PS Why not make some pup-cakes for your dog to enjoy while you work?

Subscription to DogTV

Don’t forget your subscription to DogTV. We offer an interactive experience for your pets when you can’t be with them. In addition to our relaxing programs for pets of all species, take a look at our educational and entertaining programs for pet parents. 

Cook up a dog-friendly meal with The Dog Chef, fun facts about Dogs A-Z, product reviews for Things We Woof About, find a new best friend through The Adoption Show or learn about breeds on Meet The Breed.

National Dog Day doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t require a lot of planning. The best gift you can give to your dog is your time and attention. More than anything else, your dog wants to spend the day with you – after all, isn’t “every day” always dog day? 

National Dog Day is the official day to show your best friend some love and celebrate their companionship. We hope you’ll spend some extra time doing the activities your dogs love. 

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