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10 Doggie Date Ideas

10 Doggie Date Ideas

February 14 — Valentine’s Day — is right around the corner and you know what that means, right? Love is in the air! If you share your life with a dog you are in great company for non-stop love and affection, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be interested in these 10 doggie date ideas.

We have put together a list of ideas we found interesting from our pet-loving friends!

10 Doggie Date Ideas

There are ways to enjoy doggie dates that will keep you safe and be fun whether it’s just you and your pup or you, your pups, and friends and family.

Explore a new location

Jump into the car and find a new place to walk. Is there a nature trail you’ve always wanted to explore? Get out there! Do you have a lovely, historic trail or cemetery you were always curious about? Why not drive there, get out, indulge in the quiet of the cemetery, and read some of the interesting headstones?

If you’re a writer, this is a bonus because you might find intriguing story ideas.

Cook together

Sure, cooking together means you won’t be leaving the house, but why not turn Valentine’s Day into a date by looking for recipes that are delicious and nutritious for you and your dog(s)?

You don’t want to feed your dog pasta and ice cream BUT you could share some zoodles (zucchini noodles) and dog-safe peanut butter, yogurt treats for your dog. Either invite your pup to join you at the table or get down on the floor with your pup, balance your plate on your knees or a coffee table (lol) and share the meal. 

Did you know that DOGTV has a program designed to share fun recipes that you can make for your dog? Check out The Dog Chef and download a free recipe book today!

Go shopping

Of course, your doggie needs new clothes or a toy or treat or two, right? Find your favorite pet store, get your dog on his or her leash, and take a road trip. You can either decide what you want to buy your pup for Valentine’s gift or you can be guided by your whims!

Set up a play date

If your dog is like mine, doggie play dates have been few and far between. Dog parks are not always the best choice for some pups, but you can plan a doggie play date.

Choose a park (if it’s warm enough or if your dogs love running around in the snow), go to one of your houses, and let the dogs chase one another around, or play with toys together while you and your friends enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage.

Find a dog-friendly restaurant or brewery

Indulge in a trip to a dog-friendly spot so you and your pups can have fun together and enjoy a good meal or treat. Make sure you’re dressing your pup up in the adorable new clothes you purchased on the shopping trip!

Jessica Shipman of Beagles & Bargains came up with a great way to always have unique and fun ways to have a doggie date with your pup whenever the mood strikes. Check out her post and unique DIY Doggy Date Valentine’s Day Ideas.

Go to a drive-in movie!

This was one of the ideas that Jessica Shipman had in her post and we LOVED it. You can pack your favorite snacks, and your pup and dress in your comfiest outfits — the two of you — and settle in for a few hours of inexpensive fun! Don't forget, you pay per vehicle, so fill up your car with other human or dog friends to enjoy the movie as a group!

Take a hike

Have you always wondered if you and your pups would enjoy a hike over terrain that’s a bit rougher than the neighborhood sidewalks? Enjoy a Valentine’s walk together then come home and indulge in some home cooking!

Go to the beach

Most dogs love to run along in the sand and many dogs love to dip their toes into the water. Get a longer-than-usual leash (as long as there isn’t a chance that you or your dog will get tangled up with other dogs) and let her have more freedom than usual.

Just stay in

Get into your jammies, curl up on the couch, and turn on DOGTV. There is nothing more soothing on a Valentine’s Day date than to watch television that is made specifically for dogs with your dog! Grab your FREE trial today!

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