Bark, Laugh, Learn

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Bark, laugh, learn

No matter what you're in the mood to watch, MyDOGTV has something for everyone. Training videos ? Teach your pup to spin!  Healthy homemade recipes? Let's get cooking!  Enrichment games? How about the Cover-up Challenge?  


Not just for dogs

With our extensive library of pet parent videos, we've got programming for every member of the family - even the humans.

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New Show Exclusively on DOGTV

The Dog Moms starring Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart

A new episode is released every Sunday

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Chrissy Joy and Amber Aquart
4 min read

Tips for Choosing Your Dog's Perfect Vet

Choosing the perfect veterinarian for your dog is like finding the right doctor for yourself. Just as you want a...

4 min read

Pet-Safe Flowers: Tips for Building a Non-Toxic Bouquet

If you're looking for a beautiful floral bouquet to give as a gift or enjoy yourself, but you're not sure which flowers...

5 min read

Tips For Preventing and Cleaning New Puppy Messes

Let’s face it, puppies are adorable. Any new puppy parent will tell you that cuddling with a tiny little furball will...

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Dogs Who Love DOGTV!


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