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7 Essential Items For Great Outdoor Adventures With Your Dog

7 Essential Items For Great Outdoor Adventures With Your Dog

By Mike Powell

If you’re the outdoor type, taking your dog with you on your next trip could make it even more of an adventure than usual! 

You’ll need to take care to pack properly for your dog as well as yourself! Be that good parent your pet needs. It can be easy to just let them hop in the car at the last minute and take them along without making sure they’re kitted out properly. 

Here are our favorite useful, practical items we recommend you take along when going on outdoor adventures with your dog. 

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Items to bring for an outdoor adventure with your dog

#1: A Comfortable & Practical Dog Bed 

Your dog needs somewhere to rest after his adventures! Our pick is the Bedsure Original Elevated Dog Cot Bed

Your dog will be safe from creepy crawlies as it’s slightly raised off the floor. The feet are non-skid for extra safety, and the bed is made of breathable mesh. This will keep it cool in the heat and it’s easy to add a blanket to keep your pup warm in the winter. 

#2: A Warm Dog Blanket 

It can get cold out in the wilderness, so the next thing your pooch needs is a high-quality dog blanket. We recommend the Bedsure Waterproof Dog Blanket

Choose from four sizes, according to the size of your dog. It’s lined with warm Sherpa and microfiber fleece, which doesn’t allow water through so your dog will stay perfectly dry. If it gets dirty, simply throw it in the washing machine. 

#3: Pet Booties 

It’s highly important to keep your pup’s paws safe out there! Pet paw booties are a super item to have with you. 

They not only protect your dog’s paws from hot surfaces, but they also offer some protection against stones and rocks, help prevent your dog from slipping on wet and slippery terrain, and keep their feet clean too! 

#4: Collapsible Water & Food Bowls 

Don’t forget that your pup needs to drink regularly! It can be cumbersome to carry a bowl with you, even if it is small. 

We recommend choosing a set of collapsible bowls that you can slip into a bag or hang on a strap as you walk. 

#5: A Breath Freshener 

This may sound like a silly item to carry around with you, but there’s an infinite amount of smelly things for your dog to chew on out there! 

Carrying a dental water additive or a fresh breath spray can help prevent you from having to spend hours in a car with a happy, panting, smelly dog! 

They usually come in a small bottle and are perfectly easy to slip into your bag and take with you. 

#6: A Portable Dog Shower 

Dogs get dirty! To clean your dog on the go, a portable doggy shower is essential. 

You can find shower attachments that slip onto bottles, over taps, or have water tanks attached. Whatever suits you there’s something out there to keep your pooch clean while you’re out and about. 

#7: A Pet First Aid Kit 

You never know what may happen on outdoor adventures, and a first aid kit is a necessity. 

It’s hard to anticipate what may happen on the road, so consider a first aid kit containing a wide variety of items. Things like tweezers, bandages, a tick removal kit, and antibiotic ointment are all good things to see. 


If you’re planning on traveling across the country or even internationally to have amazing adventures with your dogs, don’t forget that you’ll need to invest in a quality dog crate to get your pup there safely. 

Whatever adventures you’re planning, make sure you’ve prepared for your dog! We can pack our bags but you need to be responsible for your pooch’s wellbeing too. 

Make sure your dog has everything they need, take plenty of photos and videos, and have fun out there! 


Mike Powell is an enthusiastic dog-lover and traveler. He’s learned many tips and tricks about traveling with pups and enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion about dog nutrition, accessories, and health over at Dog Embassy.